Negima! Vol 18 (Ch 163) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans.

Chapter 163

Negi, Asuna, Setsuna, and Konoka have returned to the Mahora Library to the door that is guarded by a large dragon. Negi produces an invitation and the fearsome dragon politely allows them to pass and leaves. Beyond the large double-doors is another wondrous place (with an outdoor feel with a building/home) where Colonel Sanders apparently resides. Entering the structure, they find Sanders waiting for them with Eva-chan. Negi attempts to address Sanders as Albireo-san, but he’d prefer “Colonel Sanders” (complete with the image of the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken to complete the joke). We learn that Eva’s complete name is “Evangeline Athanasia Kitty McDowell,” much to her irritation.

As the tea party progresses, Eva asks if Negi learned anything from his recent experiences. He has and she seems impressed by what he says. She goes into a speech about being evil, to the delight of Chachazero. Sanders remarks that Eva’s done well in training Negi, and guesses this means Negi will become a great evil mage or her successor. This throws her off of her game as she gets frustrated with Sanders. Sanders asks Negi what his plans are, and Negi says he will continue to become a Magister Magi.

With that, Sanders asks Negi to become his apprentice to the irritation of Eva. Sanders continues to tweak Eva by going on about how she’s no good and that he can provide Negi the information on the Thousand Master’s combat style. In frustration, Eva grabs Sanders, who’s clearly enjoying himself and teases her about liking Negi. She tries to attack him, but her frustration causes her to fail.

After Sanders has his fun with Eva-chan, he tells Negi that his father Nagi is still alive. Sanders knows this because he has a pactio card that he made with Nagi. He has many cards, but only Nagi’s is active (the others have become inactive because the partner is dead). Sanders figures that clues about Nagi will be in England or Wales because thats were the door to Mundus Magicus (Magic World) lies. This excites Negi who forgets himself and accidentally generates a massive whirlwind. He decides he’s going to take off for Great Britain only to be stopped by Eva. Eva and Asuna angrily chastise him for going off half-cocked like that when he has other responsibilities. The rest of Negi’s partners, Kotaro, and the ghost Sayo arrive, having also been invited by Sanders.

It is Konoka-chan who realizes (to Asuna and Setsuna) that for “Colonel-han” to have a pactio card, he had to kiss Nagi. ^_^;;;


Sander’s has been a good character to give us more information on Nagi’s past, plus its fun seeing him tweak Eva. So, his promise of meeting with Negi and Eva after the festival has been done and we’ve also received an anti-climactic resolution to the dragon under the library. Back when the dragon was introduced many volumes ago, one would have thought that there would have been an incredible battle, but in a weird way, this works better for me.

It doesn’t appear that Negima will end anytime soon as groundwork is being laid for some future arc with Negi and company returning to Wales. For now, it will be interesting to see what new things Akamatsu-sensei has in store from us.

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