Ah! My Goddess Chapter 221 *SPOILERS*

Thanks to Goddess Miyaku Team for the scans.

Chapter 221

Having taken a picture of Belldandy, it appears the classic Rolleiflex camera isn’t broken. Skuld sees the camera and wants her picture taken, so Keiichi obliges. Skuld then decides that she should take a picture of Keiichi and Skuld quickly figures out how to work the camera. However, upon seeing K1 and Belldandy in the viewfinder, she discovers she can’t take his picture. So instead, she decides to shoot the demon can Welsper instead. The camera refuses to take a picture.

Urd arrives and wants her picture taken. K1 protests saying the camera is broke, but Urd won’t hear anything of it and sure enough, the camera takes her picture. K1 decides that maybe the camera is cursed which freaks Urd out. Skuld also freaks out at the thought of having her picture taken by a cursed camera. K1 suggests they just remove the curse, which leads Urd and Skuld to flee with K1 in pursuit ALL over the house.

The chase stops when Belldandy decides to investigate. She states that the camera isn’t cursed but has a will of its own. She casts a spell on the camera which gives the camera a voice. The camera states its memories are jumbled while Urd and Skuld remain suspicious. The camera remembers its original owner and when K1 touches it, the camera takes offense. Belldandy asking for permission for K1 to handle the camera to investigate its history, which it agrees to.

K1 has a brilliant flash of insight by remembering the camera has film in it. He winds the camera and the film is used up, thus he opens the back and removes the film to have the film developed. Before they can return, both Skuld and Urd plot wickedness against the camera but are stopped when Belldandy and K1 return home unexpectedly. The developed pictures show nothing leading K1 to think their investigation is over. Belldandy disagrees and after a flowery speech on pictures, she casts a spell on the photos.

The pictures show up perfectly now, which the camera acknowledges, stating it is a high-end camera. Urd is annoyed by this arrogance while Bell and K1 notice a picture of an unknown girl.


There’s not much to say. Welsper gets a cameo, which Fujishima-sensei continues to do of late (bringing in long-forgotten characters). I suspect that the girl in the photo is the old lady professor seen at the start of the arc. But this is no doubt going to be another pointless story arc just designed to keep this manga going.

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