Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Vol 14 (Ch 100-102) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to BWYS for the scans.

Chapter 100

Xing Huo observes the boy in the canister at Fei Wong Reed’s residence and remarks to herself about Fei Wong’s dream. Fei Wong, sitting and observing Syaoran and Kurogane talking on a distant world via a scrying glass. Talking to himself, he remarks on how Clow Reed had stated that his dream was impossible, but Fei Wong will make it come true no matter what (including killing as many as he feels are needed). And, he needs the power of the ruins in Clow Country where Sakura-chan is from.

Little does he know, but Fei Wong is observed by Yuuko-san in the liquid of a beverage. She remarks to herself about how impossible it is for Fei Wong to achieve this. No matter how much power he wants, or the thing that sleeps under the ruins, Clow Reed verified it was impossible. Yuuko-san implies that Fei Wong has done this before and that this is his second attempt.

Back on the world with the library, Syaoran and Kurogane talk, and Kurogane learns that the troops that invaded Clow Country had the same emblems as the arm that slew Kurogane’s mother. Kurogane wonders if maybe he has to travel from world to world in order to meet the guy with the sword that killed his mother. Because of the useful information Syaoran was able to provide Kurogane after seeing his past, Kurogane assures Syaoran that he shouldn’t worry about having (accidentally) invaded Kurogane’s privacy.

As Syaoran embarrasses Kurogane with a remark about being kind, Fai, Sakura, and Mokona come in with news on Sakura’s feather and hunger noises. They decide to go out to get some food and learn that the book Syaoran touched was “The Book of Memories.” A person touches the book and has their memories absorbed into the book, then when the book is opened, that person will be able to see the memories. Mokona produces a copy of the design on the books cover and notes it is similar to Sakura’s feather design. However, because Mokona didn’t react to the book, the book Syaoran had didn’t contain the feather and was likely a replica book as were all the other books. A copy of the cover of the original book proves that book is the one they need. The book is in another library that is well guarded by two powerful guardians.

Chapter 101

Taking a flying train, Mokona begins mocking Kurogane, aided by Fai. Sakura-chan notices Syaoran’s determined look and is saddened by it, but puts on a cheerful face when Syaoran notices her. Mokona continues to have fun with Kurogane as they arrive at the next library, but Sakura still looks worried about Syaoran. Mokona can feel the presence of the feather, so they are on the right track. The two, giant, beast-guardians show their fearsome presence, but allow them to pass. Remarking on the beasts, Mokona loudly proclaims that Kurogane is a villain, leading him to pursue the critter much to the embarrassment of the others.

In the library, they learn that they cannot check out the book, nor can they look at the book. This is due to the number of attempted thefts of the book, which contains vast magical powers. While the guardians always caught said attempted thieves, it was decided to only allow copies of the book to be seen and not the original. Syaoran and the group later discuss the matter and Syaoran decides they’ll steal the book.

Chapter 102

Syaoran and company are enacting their plan to steal the book while the library is still open. The thought is that security will be tighter when the library is closed at night. Mokona leads them through the maze of book cases until they come to a wall, from which beyond, Mokona feels the feather. It appears to be a dead end, but Fai detects a magic barrier. Fai wants Kurogane to move one of the bookcases over some and Mokona pleads in a teasing fashion to have this done. An irritated Kurogane complies and the wall dissolves to reveal a cave-tunnel.

Fai explains the theory behind the magic barrier/illusion which Kurogane notes. Fai is concerned that the guardians may have sensed what they are doing and may pursue them. As they enter the tunnel, the guardians indeed notice what has happened and approach the library. As the group heads down the passage, snake-like creature emerge from glass cases along the cave walls. Syaoran launches an attack and Fai whistles while remarking how cool Syaoran is. Kurogane is irritated that Fai keeps whistling and not helping out. More creatures emerge, bigger and with wings, appearing to be a trap.


Since the story is still progressing, there’s not a lot to say. I did find it interesting that while Fei Wong is observing Syaoran and company, Yuuko-san keeps a watch on Fei Wong. I wonder if Fei Wong knows how closely he’s being monitored.

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