Negima!? 16

Summary: Ayaka has a memory-dream of herself as a child with Asuna. She then wakes up in her Negi-decorated room to remember that she and the rest of her classmates as well as Negi-sensei and Takahata-sensei. Meanwhile, Negi is working on remembering which student has what artifact so that in a pinch, he can activate an appropriate girl’s artifact without having to look up who has what. This meets with Chamo’s approval.

Back in the classroom, a “where’s Asuna” discussion happens. Turns out she’s slept in and now there’s only one onigiri left, otherwise she has to wait until lunch. Unfortunately, Motsu eats it, leaving her famished.

Outside, the research group is researching and Negi pops in to see how they are doing. Ayaka invites him to stay for tea, but when Asuna arrives, Ayaka and Asuna get into a fight over whom Negi should stay with — the research group or the exploration group. Negi makes the mistake of getting between the girls and pays for it with an injury. Not to worry, a shot at the infirmiry from a giant syringe should do the trick. Chamo gets the shot instead and turns into a super ermine complete with red cape.

Elsewhere, Chachamaru, Eva, and Takahata are doing serious investigation, until Chachamaru decides to save a little critter from being injured while the remaining research staff are having no luck analyzing the crystals.

Back to the Ayaka-Asuna fight, the two engage in a number of contest, all of which end up a tie. Negi hates their fighting, but Konoka assures him they get along fine and have battled since they were kids. Before they can carry on with a 4th competition, the dark matter arrives again and Negi uses Asuna for the fight. He pulls a cosplay card from her which isn’t enough. Ayaka comes to help Asuna and Negi pulls an armor card from her, allowing her to save Asuna. Ayaka and Asuna remember their time together as children with dandilions and as Konoka said, are indeed good friends.

Thoughts: I was pretty bored by this episode, which wasn’t funny to me nor did it advance the story any. Yeah, there was some character development of Asuna and Ayaka, but considering the wacky nature of the series at times, are we really looking for meaningful character development on a serious level? I think not.

Well, I do think I understand why this series didn’t fare well in Japan either.

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