Negima! Vol 18 (Ch 168) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans.

Chapter 168

Negi pops the question to Asuna which has her all flustered. This is heard by Nodoka, Yue, and Paru, Nodoka and Yue misunderstand and try to run away. Paru prevents them from escaping and teases Asuna and Negi about this “love confession” they’ve just witnessed. Negi protests there wasn’t a love confession which surprises Asuna. Negi explains that he was asking Asuna to be his partner when he goes to Wales and he was asking her first. This is a relief to Yue and Nodoka, though Chamo and Paru are all frustrated. Asuna is irritated and using her kanka ability, sends him flying for the confusing way he asked her to go with him. She continues to attack him for toying with a maiden’s heart.

As the group walks down the street, Paru decides to tease Asuna for her reaction which has Asuna bring out the harisen to which Paru brings out her artifact and produces a giant warrior. When Negi interrupts, Asuna uses the opportunity to question Negi about going to Wales and possibly not returning. Negi wants to find the reason why his dad went missing and knows there will be great dangers, but he’s not going to give up his quest to find his father. After his speech, Asuna tells him it is fine to continue as he is and that She and Setsuna had decided to protect him while he looked for his dad. Nodoka decides to offer her support to Negi followed by Yue and Paru.

Since Negi isn’t going immediately to Wales, Paru decides they should enjoy summer vacation which is soon to arrive. After all, summer is time to play. And so, plans are laid on how to spend the summer vacation season.

Back at school, finals are taken and class 3-A scores 2nd place overall, which is exciting to the class. Report cards are handed out classes are over until the fall. The class is planning to party and Asuna convinces Negi to join in exchange for her not stopping Negi in his search for his father. With that, they are off to have fun.

Thoughts: This starts the summer vacation arc, which looks like it will be a bunch of fun filler before launching into the next big arc that will take place in Wales.

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