Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Vol 15 (Ch 112-114) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to BWYS for the scans.

Chapter 112

Sakura-chan is still asleep and Fai decides it might be best to let her sleep. Syaoran is also sleeping with a fever and Fai offers to keep watch to Kurogane. However, Kurogane says nothing at first until Fai continues to talk. Kurogane states he’ll answer Fai if Fai answers a question about the whistle he used to help them escape the previous world. Kurogane notes how many tight spots they’d been in and Fai had not used his magic. Kurogane recalls how Fai talked of a person sleeping under water that he needed to run from.

Fai is impressed by his memories but Kurogane presses on, stating his belief that Fai, while always grinning and being friendly is really keeping his distance from everyone. Despite this, Kurogane sees that Fai is worried about Syaoran’s fever and the thought that Sakura would see this destroyed world. Kurogane continues, recalling that had Fai not used his magic in the last world, they could have been killed and in so doing, involved himself with both Syaoran and Sakura. Fai replies that he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt because of him.

They are interrupted when some of Kamui’s people come in. Kurogane grabs Fai and tells him he’s not going to avoid their conversation. Kurogane repeats that he it means nothing to him, leading Fai to grin and ask him not to worry about him. However, Kurogane continues, telling Fai he doesn’t care about Fai’s past but that Fai needs to make a decision on what he’s doing with where he is now. Kurogane leaves with Kamui’s people and Fail collapses, remarking to himself how difficult that is.

Meanwhile at Fei Wong Reed’s palace, the figure in the containment chamber breaks through the glass and is revealed to be Syaoran.

Chapter 113

Syaoran hears a voice in his dream and comes face-to-face with his doppelgänger. As his doppelgänger moves his hand, Syaoran’s hand also moves. Breaking through, the doppelgänger states he’s been waiting and grabs Syaoran, while out of the dream, Syaoran grabs Kurogane. Kurogane sees that Syaoran is different again, the same as he was in the previous world. Syaoran mutters he’s always been waiting when Fai comes in and sees Syaoran’s cold eyes. Both Fai and Kurogane are very concerned by what they see as Syaoran comes out of it, and Fai quickly recovers to his normal cheery self.

Fai has clothing and suggests rest for Syaoran, but Syaoran wants to participate in the hunt for the feather. As Syaoran goes to change, Kurogane remarks on how the person they’d witnessed earlier wasn’t Syaoran. Fai asks if this is the first time this has happened, which Kurogane states has happened before and that Syaoran doesn’t seem to realize the change. Fai then comments on how cold the eyes that looked at them were before asking Kurogane for a favor.

Fai and Syaoran are on a speeder bike with some of Kamui’s people looking for food and supplies. Turns out the favor Fai asked of Kurogane was for him to babysit Sakura-chan, who was still asleep and finds herself opening her eyes as she’s under water.

Chapter 114

Sakura-chan finds herself under water, but its not cold and she’s not suffocating. She sees something in the water and approaches it. It tells her she shouldn’t be there. Sakura-chan asks it what its doing there and it says its sleeping and that she should wake up. This surprised Sakura-chan and it tells her again to wake up before she’s captured by the dream. However, she finds she’s unable to open her eyes. Despite hearing the warnings to wake up, she’s unable to do so and the thing swallows her. In her bed, Kurogane notices that Sakura-chan has stopped breathing.

Meanwhile, Syaoran, Fai, and Kamui’s folks come to the edge of the ruins to a desert. There had been a slum years ago but nothing remains now. As they observe, they are attacked by a giant earth worm (or that’s how it appears). The group slays the beast, informing Syaoran and Fai that it mutated from the acid rain, is poisonous, but has edible portions. An even bigger worm attacks and Kusanagi is in its path. Syaoran has Mokona “cough up” his sword Hien and he slays the beast. Kuganagi is impressed, as his twin in the Outo Country had been.

The young Nataku inquires about Syaoran’s condition, especially in light of having suffered a bolt through the leg. As talk continues, Mokona senses Sakura-chan’s feather very strongly.

Thoughts: I’ve had dreams I’ve been in a pool under water and think I’m going to drown, only to be amazed that I can breathe. So I could relate to that bit, though not what happened afterward. ^_^;

The whole bit with the duplicate Syaoran is interesting and I really wonder where this will go. Clearly, the two Syaoran’s are linked and I guess maybe this is part of Fei Wong Reed’s plan.

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