Ah! My Goddess Vol. 35 Ch. 223 *SPOILERS*

Ah! My Goddess Vol. 35 Ch. 223

Thanks to GMT for the scans.

SPOILER Summary:

Ah! My Goddess Vol. 35 Ch. 223Belldandy decides that they can discover who took the pictures of the young woman from the reflection in the woman’s eyes. Keiichi picks a photo and Belldandy does her thing which reveals the man’s image. This causes the camera to remember where the man hid porn books.

The old female professor approaches and recognizes the man who’s image Belldandy has produced on paper. Naturally, the young, attractive woman in the photos is the elderly professor from years ago. The camera pays the professor a compliment which causes K1 to cringe but she doesn’t seem to notice where it came from. She remembers him taking her photo and reveals that story to K1 and Belldandy. She reveals she knows K1 (to his surprise) and states that the man is her husband and that K1 knows him well. Her husband approaches and it is none other than Professor Kakuta.

Kakuta remembers having a camera like the one K1 is holding and to Kakuta’s great surprise, K1 tells him the camera used to be Kakuta’s. For some odd reason, Kakuta decided to give up the camera and donate it to the club. Kakuta told the camera to forget about him, which is why the camera couldn’t remember. Now that the camera has met its original owner, the spell that allowed it to talk has ended.

Now that the mystery has been solved, fresh film is placed into the camera and it takes a picture of the elderly couple. Belldandy goes to take a picture of K1, but it again refuses to take his picture.


Well, it was pretty obvious who the woman would be. Professor Kakuta showing up was a shocker though. He hasn’t been seen since the early days of the manga. Fujishima-sensei has been going down memory lane a lot recently, enough to make me think that maybe he’s going to be allowed to end it in the next couple of years or so. Otherwise, this was a boring story that I’m glad is over.

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