Hayate no Gotoku 14

SPOILER Thoughts: Hayate is confident that he passed the entrance exam despite everything that had been done to him by Tama, Klaus, and Katsura-sensei in episode 13. As such, he and Nagi are playing a racing game and Hayate feels lucky that the test was multiple choice. When he beats Nagi at the game, he choses his prize poorly and finds his game is now over.

Meanwhile, a very worried Katsura-sensei returns home to consult with her little sister Hina, who’s also the school’s Student Council President. Hina is not amused when Katsura (Yuki) bursts through the door. As such, she gives her oneechan a beating with a bamboo sword. Their mother comes in, happy to see Yuki but wondering when she’ll get to see where Yuki lives. Yuki shoos her out of the room so she can talk to Hina in peace. When Hina learns the truth, she goes “Dark Side” and beats her oneechan again.

So, Hina takes the very anxious Yuki to Nagi’s mansion so she can confess that Hayate failed due to her pranks. Inside the mansion, Nagi decides to celebrate by making Hayate wear a Lum-chan costume, which of course he objects to strongly. As Nagi chases Hayate, Maria-san is informed of the bad news and feels terrible as she grants access to Katsura-sensei and Hina. Maria greets them at the door, and as she ushers them into where Hayate and Nagi are, Katsura and Hina are stunned to see a formal ball in progress with Hayate and Nagi dancing under the spotlight and surrounded by lots of people. Hayate compliments Nagi on her appearance, which of course makes her very happy.

Klaus arrives, happy that Hayate has been accepted and everything he says makes Katsura-sense feel worse. She decides to confess to Hayate, but the spotlight shines on her and she can’t tell Hayate failed. An angry Hina approaches and manages to pull Nagi aside to tell her the truth. Nagi is not happy by this, but doesn’t want to depress Hayate with the bad news. Hayate gives a thanks speech which makes matters worse for those with the knowledge that he failed.

Katsura-sensei again tries to confess and tell him the truth, but Hayate thinks she’s trying to tell him he’ll be in her homeroom. Again, Nagi and Hina punish Katsura-sensei for her cowardice when she decides that she’ll sneak Hayate in as a fake student and never tell another soul that Hayate failed the entrance exam. Her plan is killed when Izumi-chan, Miki-chan, and Risa-chan arrive to give their condolences to Hayate for failing the entrance exam. They found the paper stating this and after saying their piece, they leave, the paper stating he’d failed now in Hayate’s hands.

Hayate flees to the yard where he is found by Maria-san. Hayate is naturally depressed by these events, but Maria-san knows that Hayate is not as bad as he makes himself to be or else he couldn’t be Nagi’s butler. She comforts him and reveals she put in a word at Hakuou for him, and has his student ID. That means he’s now an official student at the same school that Nagi is.

Thoughts: More nuttiness. I really wish I had a better grasp of some of the jokes when it comes to Japanese references, anime or otherwise. I did get the Urusei Yatsura references when Nagi pulled out the Lum-chan costume and wig for Hayate to wear. Things got a little down toward the end when it seemed like Hayate wouldn’t be going to Hakuou Academy. I thought he’d be going back to his old school to bring back Nishizawa-san (who’s back to simple cameos again) in a greater role. But him going to Nagi’s school will be more humorous I suppose.

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2 Responses to “Hayate no Gotoku 14”

  1. Hughroe says:

    Well, Nagi took the news better than what I thought, but it hit Hayate about like I thought it would. And Maria-san begins to reveal that she’s the one running the world…

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    *lol* Yes, Maria-san is one powerful 17-year old maid. ^_^

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