Hayate no Gotoku 15

SPOILER Summary: In an apartment, Nishizawa-san attempts to wolf down an entire large pizza and wonders what Hayate had for dinner. In his room, Hayate awakens and pulls out his student ID card, happy his return to school wasn’t just a dream. And so he vows to be the best he can be. He immediately runs into Hina, who’d spent the night and who wondered where Hayate had gotten off to after the party.

After she leave, Hayate sees Nagi, who finds his excitement cute. He’s surprised to learn that his school uniform with be his butler uniform and that further, there are several butlers attending high school at Hakuou . Nagi hopes that they’ll be in the same homeroom, but Hayate doesn’t see how this is possible, considering Nagi’s only 13. To his great shock, he learns that Nagi has skipped several grades and that this kind of practice is not uncommon at Hakuou. Once he accepts this, Hayate decides he too hopes he’s in the same class as Nagi.

They come to school early because Hayate is so excited, something Nagi promises won’t happen again. Hayate and Nagi’s talk is interrupted by a guy being showered in flower blossoms. The guy, Himuro, is being showered by a young boy named Taiga. Himuro is Taiga’s butler and addresses him as “Taiga-bocchan,” indicating Taiga is a “young master” (the son of someone important in this case). However, Taiga clearly worships Himuro and Himuro recognizes he’s got an easy ride. In his discussion with Hayate, he manages to steal Hayate’s necktie without Hayate realizing it and then gets away with Taiga in tow, much to Nagi’s and Hayate’s frustration.

Hayate returns home for another tie and he and Nagi return back to school. Katsura-sensei is his homeroom teacher (and Nagi’s as well) and so tries to make up for her earlier mistake by giving Hayate a powerful introduction on how cool he is. The more Katsura-sensei talks, the more nervous Hayate gets. Fortunately, Hayate was able to turn on the charm and win over the hearts of all the class, especially the girls, even winning the approval of Izumi-chan, Miki-chan, and Risa-chan (who were the ones who discovered Hayate hadn’t passed his exams in the previous episode).

At lunch, Nagi and Hayate are on a remote part of the school grounds where Hayate is about to serve lunch. He’s thanking Nagi for all she’s done and she’s feeling the mood is “just right” for the two of them when Hina shows up. She was on her way to the Kendo Club room and this was a shortcut. Hayate is a bit surprised to learn that Nagi is in no clubs and that she only briefly stopped by the Kendo Club earlier in the school term. Hayate decides they should check out the club after school.

Nagi isn’t sure about coming by but does so because Hayate wants to. Hina is pleased to see them, but the guys in the club aren’t happy when they learn Hina addresses Hayate as “Hayate-kun” and he addresses her as Hinagiku-san (addressing each other by their given names, even with honorifics indicates a closer relationship). Azumamiya-kun objects to Hayate’s presence and challenges Hayate to a fight. If Hayate loses, he can never come back (which would suit Nagi fine). Hayate accepts, wanting Nagi to be in a sports club.

Himuro arrives and Hayate is annoyed and demands his tie be returned. Himuro is again being showered with flower petals and Himuro points out to Azumamiya that the petals are being deflected away from Hayate by his battle aura. Azumamiya decides he will have to go all out, but when the announcer points out that the story is heading for a stereotypical outcome, Azumamiya reveals that he won’t be doing the fighting but his combat butler NONOHARA Kaede.

Thoughts: Not as funny this week, but fun just the same. The introduction of three new male characters was unexpected. Looks like we might get some “battle at school” parody next week, but we’ll have to wait and see. I can’t help but feel sorry for Taiga. He looks like he’s in kindergarten and yet apparently feels the need to constantly shower his own butler in flower petals. I really hope there’s some fight between Himuro and Hayate where Himuro gets his tanned rear kicked hard. ^_^;;;

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