Ah! My Goddess Vol. 35 Ch. 224 *SPOILERS*

Ah! My Goddess Vol. 35 Ch. 224

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Ah! My Goddess Vol. 35 Ch. 224At the Mountain Ridge Coffee Shop, Megumi’s boyfriend breaks up with her. She is OK with that, but wants to know why.

Back at the Morisato residence, Keiichi is going gooey over the way Belldandy is peeling an apple for him. Skuld notes this outside the room and decides to replace a slice of K1’s apple with a fake slice that’s really a bomb. Urd also notices K1 and Bell and decides that K1 because K1 isn’t speaking words of love to Belldandy, she’ll use one of her pills to make it happen.

Meanwhile, K1 is obvivious to Skuld and Urd and wonders if he could say something about how beautiful Belldandy’s body is. She observes him and figures he wants her to feed him (a Japanese fantasy) and so offers him a slice. As K1 is totally getting into the mood, someone outside the temple screams his name. He opens the door and find a very drunk and stinking Megumi at the door.

Megumi enters after and has a bottle of “Fallen Angel” with her. This brings Urd out, who immediately accepts Megumi’s offer to share the bottle. With Megumi and Urd partying, Megumi decides she doesn’t like the look on K1’s face, so Urd fixes that by somehow putting him into the “Mega Purple Ranger” costume. This has Megumi, Urd, and Skuld in stitches and K1 manages to beat a retreat out to where Belldandy is pouring tea. He wonders what’s wrong with Megumi. Belldandy surmises something painful happened to Megumi.

On cue, Megumi emerges begins crying to K1 about being dumped. The knowledge that Megumi was dating someone stuns K1, as does the fact that she’s been dumped three times now. She feels hopeless, but Belldandy assures her this is not the case. This makes Megumi feel bold again and she reveals that all three guys dumped her for the same reason — she’s the infamous MORISATO Megumi, Queen of the Ridge (from her winning the motorcycle race many, many volumes ago) and the one most seen like the perfect younger sister. Basically, the guys can’t keep up with her even though they think she’s hot.

This news stuns Keiichi which causes Megumi to go off on him for being a loser in various ways, including knowing where he hides his porn. As she goes off on him, Skuld decides it is her turn.


Another forgotten face has returned, this time in the form of Megumi. I always hated that despite everything she’s seen and experienced, she doesn’t know the secret of the Megumi (at least, not officially). It is nice to see her back though. I hope Fujishima-sensei does something nice in this story.

I was reminded that we are approaching the 20th anniversary of the manga. I had been thinking that Fujishima-sensei was bringing back all these faces from the past because he could be taking a “goodbye” tour of characters before ending the series. He still could be doing that, but more likely, he’s preparing for the big 2-0.

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