Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 26

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight 26

SPOILER Summary: Galden, in Dark Knight Steru, continues to school the Ryu-riders with Paffy single-handedly. He ends up putting the others out of commission and dares Paffy to use the power of the Spirit Stone mace (staff as they call it) now that she’s wielding it. She’s afraid since she doesn’t know how to draw on the stone’s power and Galden starts wailing on her Magidora. She ends up praying to the stone which unleashes a huge blast which not only send Galden’s Steru flying, it also destroys the mountain that the other Ryu’s had been “stapled” to by Steru.

Izumi casts a protection spell around his companions as they go flying while Galden is forced to leave Steru for a moment as Idoro appears. She tells him they have to flee to look for their own Spirit Stone, but he’ll hear none of it, and re-enters Steru, determined to face Paffy again. Adeu comes on the scene of the battle and is shocked by what he finds. He locates Izume and starts to look for Paffy.

Paffy is having her own troubles as she continues to tell herself how impossible it is to master the Spirit Stone. When she finally comes to, Galden is there and with Steru, drives Magidora off of a cliff. The Ryu unit returns to card form and Adeu races to catch her as she falls. After a brief reunion, Galden arrives. Adeu decides it is time to show Galden a fight and initially summons Ryu Knight Zephyr before transforming it into Ryu Paladin Lord Zephyr. Adeu takes to beating Galden and in the end causes a large amount of rock to bury the Steru unit. Having spent all his strength, Ryu Paladin downgrades to Ryu Knight once again. However, Galden has survived and Steru blasts through the rubble to face Adeu once again.

Thoughts: Well, I’m half-way through the series. Pretty typical shounen stuff.

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