Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 25

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight 25

SPOILER Summary: Paffy and company are fleeing from the upgraded Dark Knight Steru as Galden destroys a town to look for them. Elsewhere, Adeu and Zephyr have washed ashore and are met by the old man who sent Adeu on his quest — the Great Sage Nuzzi. Before he’ll allow Adeu to return to his companions, the two of them have a date at the bottom of the sea at the Temple of Time.

Having fled town, Paffy and company are caught by Steru. Izumi tries to get Paffy to flee while they summon their Ryu units to battle Galden. However, an ally, Gratches, attacks with his Ryu unit and allows them all to escape for the moment.

Under the sea, Adeu and Nuzzi enter the temple, where Adeu learns some things about the Jya-ryuzoku. He also learns that his father Rasa was the previous “rider” of Ryu Knight Zephyr and he fought with the Jya-ryuzoku. Nuzzi leads Adeu to another chamber where a priestess awaits. She summons a giant dragon, who’s there to test Adeu to see if he’s truly worthy of Zephyr. Since Adeu’s sword broke in the last battle, he has no weapon and the only one for Zephyr to use is a beat-up looking giant sword attached to the wall. As such, Adeu has to do what he can with what he has, which isn’t much.

Paffy and company are still pursued by Galden, with everyone but Paffy summoning their Ryu units to fight. Eventually, Paffy summons Ryu Mage Magidora but all six Ryu units are still no match for Galden and his upgraded unit.

Back in the temple, knowing that Paffy and the others need him, Adeu is finally able to pull the sword off the wall, which also generates a new shield. However, he finds that even with his new weapon and shield, the dragon is made of tougher stuff. Asking for strength from Zyphyr, the Ryu unit transforms itself into a stronger unit while at the same time, Adeu’s armor, sword, and shield are transformed as well. Adeu recognizes this as the Ryu unit he saw as a little child and that his father must have been the one he saw. In this new form, Adeu is able to defeat the dragon and thus prove himself worthy.

As the priestess and Nuzzi observed, the priestess reveals herself to be Adeu’s long-lost mother. She informs him that the Spirit Stone of Zephyr has accepted him and that he now has control over Ryu Paladin, Lord Zephyr. Before Adeu goes to help his friends, he embraces his mother and promises to return.

Thoughts: The great thing about a shounen series like this is that the writers don’t have to worry a great deal about little things like Zephyr being stabbed in the previous episode. And of course, there’s the whole “power-up” thing to. However, it was somewhat interesting learning of Adeu’s past.

Temple of Time (at bottom of ocean);

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