Hayate no Gotoku 18

SPOILER Summary: Its time for the beach and Nagi pays for most of the characters we’ve met from her school to head to Hakuou Academy’s Hakuou Island for “beach classes.” Hina doesn’t come (hates planes) and Isumi gets lost (of course). While Maria doesn’t come, Klaus and Tama do, even if they mostly sleep.

At the island is the butler Schmidt hen Bach, who wants them to have good memories. After everyone gets their assigned rooms (based on who they know and their personalities), it is time for swimming. Everyone is in their school uniforms and Schmidt decides to make their summer memories good by showing up in the Zambot 3 mecha unit (which he identifies as the Synchronized Swimming Manipulation Machine) and forcing everyone to synchronized swimming.

After swimming, Schmidt is again up to his old tricks. This time he arrives in the LANCELOT mecha unit to change everyone from their school swimsuits to something sexy. The costumes are naturally purely for fanservice, which meets with mixed feelings among the girls.

Lunchtime has Schmidt serving. However, this time he decides to serve live alligator, which of course has no intention of being eaten. Then after lunch, most of the group swimming in the ocean is swallowed up by a whale. This really irritates the people, so when they try to leave at supper from the banquet Schmidt has prepared, he won’t allow it. Instead, he has creatures or villains from various titles (including horror) attack the guests. Hayate goes through several transformations as he battles, including a DBZ one. In the end, the guests all leave.

On the plane ride home, people notice that they aren’t flying home. Katsura-sensei tries to find out what is going on, only to discover that Schmidt is flying the planes to a mountain resort, determined to give them all good summer memories.

Thoughts: Have I mentioned how much I enjoy this anime? Heck, they even make a jab at people like me who grab screen captures. *lol* However, I rarely go for the work required to get some of these screen captures of the fanserviced girls (which requires taking multiple screenshots and splicing them together to get the full picture). I still haven’t found the butlers who who “master” their masters to be funny.

While this is clearly a fanservice episode, it is also a parody of the typical fanservice episodes in anime or manga. It is so over the top that I found it humorous.

Again, we get some filler, this time in the form of Maria interviewing a couple of bodyguards for Sakuya to find out what they are like for the audience. And of course, there’s the filler whenever they cut to Hina and we have our standard cameo by Nishizawa-san.


These are the other anime references that I was able to get, or were given to me by others. Even then, I still don’t have them all so if you see one I missed, let me know (these could be updated as I find more).

  1. I’m told that on the plane, the 2007-dated manga magazine that Nonohara is reading on the plane (Fan Road) has the same cover as the April 2001 issue with some of the cast of Naruto on it (with different colored hair).
  2. Kero-chan plushie from Cardcaptor Sakura appears in one of the rooms (different colored) as does a plushie from Moe-tan (Ah-kun).
  3. Schmidt uses the Zanbot 3 mecha unit from Muteki Chōjin Zanbot 3 (with different colors) and launches its famous “Moon Attack.” He wears the helmet of the character Kappei Jin.
  4. Schmidt uses the LANCELOT mecha from Code Geass (with different colors). However, the cockpit is one from an EVA mecha unit from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. He wears the red A10 clips that Asuka wore in that NGE.
  5. The whale swallowing up several students is an old theme, going back to the Bible and the book of Jonah (the great fish). It also shows up in children’s stories like Pinocchio. However, I’m informed that in the MÄR anime (episode 56 to be precise), the whale-shaped, Fastitocalon guardian ÄRM swallows that series’ character named Dorthy. The Hayate scene inside the whale parodies the scene from MÄR.
  6. During the attack of the monsters from various horror titles, Hayate first turns into Seiya from Saint Seiya. Then he turns into Kinnikuman from Kinnikuman. Finally, he turns into a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z. Nonohara is forced to fight Jason from the Friday the 13th franchise, Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street, and Domo-kun, who’s the mascot for the NHK TV station.
  7. I’m told the preview for episode 19 is started the way Lucky Star‘s previews are started (with the phrase used).
  8. The use of the phrase “Release!” at the end of the preview is the way all Cardcaptor Sakura previews ended (that being Sakura-chan’s final word when activating her key-staff).

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  1. HughRoe says:

    This was a good one, I found the “Let’s keep walking” bit, for some reason, as one of the funniest parts.

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  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Hey! You’ve been deleted…bloody spammers. *_*

    @hughroe — *lol* It was the way that scene played out that was so funny. The writers have done good work to be sure.

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