Record of Lodoss War (TV) 18

SPOILER Summary: Marmo’s attack on Valis to steal the Staff of Life is going on as Neese races to the temple. She heals a wounded cleric before entering the temple, which is observed by the Dark Wizard Wagnard in his lair in Marmo. Since Neese is the Doorway and the Staff of Life and the Soul Crystal Ball are both keys to Wagnard summoning the Destroyer known as Kardis. Wagnard is questioned about this by the Grey Witch Karla. She suspects he wishes to become a necromancer rather than seek the balance between good and evil which is her plan.

Neese, infected with Spark’s Disease, races in only to find three Dark Elves stealing the staff and then disappearing. Of course, Marmo people are waiting for Neese, lead by Jay, and just when it seems too late, Spark arrives. He battles Jay’s men off, which irritates Jay. So Jay uses claws to fight Spark. Sadly for Jay, he becomes infected with Spark’s Disease and rushes at Spark to make a finishing blow with his claws, apparently forgetting that Spark has a longsword. Thus ends Jay.

Wagnard attempts to gate Neese to himself as Spark stands there doing nothing expect call Neese’s name. When the first attempt releases her, he finally decides, “You know, maybe I should move and catch her, since she was floating in the air.” Only after he catches her does Wagnard make his second attempt. Naturally, Spark is not enough and fortunately his crew arrives. Garrack holds Spark, who’s holding Neese, in an attempt to anchor them down. Its not enough, so the cleric Greevus and the mage Aldo cast spells to attempt to counter Wagnard’s spell. Leaf and Ryna give their support by calling out the names of those doing real work. Yes, cheerleaders are so very important.

Nothing is working until Spark starts calling Neese’s name, which she hears and responds to. She becomes conscious and casts a powerful light spell which counters Wagnard’s dark spell, forcing him to release her. The group returns to their room where Greevus heals Spark. Since Neese is determined to go to Marmo, Spark vows to protect her and go anyway, despite the danger and despite the fact that this will be a violation of his orders. His companions are so touched by this that they agree to come along as well. After reporting this to King Etoh, he gives them a ship to take to Kanon and then ponders his own next move.

Thoughts: Spark’s Disease, the name I’ve chosen to describe ramped stupidity, is far too common in this title. So not only does it cause folks to do dumb things, it also causes people to just stand around and watch while bad things happen. Well, that’s not totally true. It causes people to scream out the name of the person needing help, as if calling their name will help. No wonder it is so hard for me to watch this bloody title.

By the way, if Wagnard can gate a person to himself, as he attempted to do with Neese, then why couldn’t he just gate the two magical artifacts to himself? It certainly would save a lot of time. Ooops! Spark’s Disease!

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