Record of Lodoss War (TV) 17

SPOILER Summary: Lodoss is now with the Alanian-Marmo alliance taking over most of the east cost (and the island of Marmo of course). Flaim and Valis control two sections in the center of Lodoss and are fighting against the Alanian-Marmo allianace. The kingdom of Moss in the southwest section of Lodoss is currently in a civil war. In there, the dragon riders known as Dragon Eyes are lead by Duke Redrick and Queen Shiris and reunification of Moss is expected soon.

Elsewhere, King Kashue of Flaim has forces in the kingdom of Alania at Novice and have engaged Duke Raster’s forces there. The Alania forces are winning the fight as they’d been able to predict how Kashue would send reinforcements. Raster is only interested in defeating Kashue and ruling Lodoss. For his part, Kashue is asking how the battle could be going so poorly for them when they have such a superior army. A quick strategy session has Kashue going to fight Raster’s own forces on their rear while Flaim’s mercenary units will come to the front to relieve the young Flaim troops.

Kashue and his cavalry unit ride to engage Raster directly. Raster offers a reward to anyone in his larger support force to anyone who can kill Kashue. Kashue and his cavalry charge in, avoiding all the bolts fired from enemy crossbows. Seeing his lack of fear of death causes the crossbowmen to waver somewhat, leading the lance-men to advance to defend against the cavalry charge. King Kashue, still leading the charge, has his horse leap over the defending lance-men. Some troops attempt to defend against Kashue, but he slaughters them so easily that moral begins to sink among the Alania troops. Duke Raster, seeing this, panics and flees, causing his army to panic and flee as well. Raster’s armies are forced to retreat to their capital where Kashue sends them envoys (lead by the wizard Slayn) to ask for Raster’s surrender. Raster states he will only surrender if Kashue and his armies return to Flaim, which amounts to no surrender at all and it is delaying Kashue from turning his attentions south to Marmo.

In Valis, Spark’s group is waiting for his return as it is nearly time for the banquet. Spark finally returns and tells them of his encounter with Jay, who states he can take Spark and his group to Kanon if they meet him by the bridge that night. The group reasons that since this Jay is from Marmo, he must have a military ship nearby, but that could only mean that Marmo is planning to attack Valis. The attack, they reason, could be designed for them to acquire the Staff of Life.

Spark isn’t certain about this since revealing Jay’s presence to King Etoh would reveal that they’d technically violated their orders regarding the Crystal Ball. Plus, all they have are theories. Neese arrives and upon hearing the news, agrees that this is all theory, but it could be true. She suggests telling Etoh, but the now very depressed Spark leaves to exercise with his sword. The group continues to discuss Spark and how he’s lost his way over violating the orders and possibly causing problems with the Flaim-Valis alliance. Since Spark has no proof of Marmo involvement, Spark feels a failure as a knight.

Neese comes to Spark and states that randomly swinging a sword in frustration isn’t training and talks with him about the situation. Seeing his extreme stupidity, she cheerfully leaves him to whatever decision he makes. Spark returns just in time for the banquet, to learn that Neese did not return to the group. The group feels she went to get the Staff of Life to protect it from Marmo and prevent the Destroyer from doing his work. Realizing a tiny bit of his stupidity, Spark races to consult with King Etoh. He confesses to him as Sparks group gears up.

The temple where the Staff of Life is held is under attack and Spark’s companions arrive with Spark’s sword while Neese also races to the temple.

Thoughts: Well, I don’t have much to say. Things happened and that’s about it. Spark needs his you know what kicked repeatedly.

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