I Have a Spam Blog

I Have a Spam Blog

Note (1-Apr-2020): When this article was first published, I was using Google’s Blogger platform. I have updated the links to point to my current domain. And I’ve replaced the images that Google had stripped out unbeknownst to me while I was still on Blogger.

Gah! Somehow, Google’s automated system felt this is a spam blog, which means writing a real entry is nigh on impossible with the word verification tool set up. So I can’t save my blog drafts any more. I can only publish them immediately. Nice.

This kind of thing wouldn’t annoy me except that as I look at Google bragging on their spam prevention, I laugh, knowing there are TONS of true spam blogs out there and that there are robots that go out and try to post responses in every blog they can to get traffic to their own sight.

I’m not above mentioning my blog to others, especially for things like the new You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle news that I have, or the news about the rumored new Slayers feature. That’s providing a service. I don’t go spamming it all over the place though.

You're Under Arrest! Full Throttle - 21


Well, Google will now dispatch someone to investigate the blog personally. Meanwhile, it only took me just under a minute using the “Next Blog” link feature to find a porno-spam blog. That’s quality for ya.

Additional: And I noticed I keep hitting variations of “YouTube Top Videos” which are all spam blogs as far as I’m concerned. They all have identical setups, lots of ads, and clearly are designed to be a cheap revenue generator. But I have the spam blog.

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