Record of Lodoss War (TV) 21

SPOILER Summary:

The dark wizard Wagnard comes and kidnaps Neese from under Spark’s nose after Neese allows him to cast a spell protecting himself from Spark’s attack. As everyone wanders around with torches, Spark decides to be a moron and pack up and leave for Marmo on his own. He is only prevented by Parn, who convinces him to join the Kanon Free Army and march with Prince Reona to the last remaining Marmo stronghold on the main Lodoss island — Rood.

On Marmo, Neese is unable to escape since her goddess Marfa cannot muster enough power to penetrate the stronghold of the god Kardis. Wagnard reveals that Doorway Neese must remain pure to revive Kardis, and that the spirit of the high priestess of Kardis resides in Neese — Naneel. Further, Wagnard reveals his plans to become a necromancer, apparently his life-long dream. Reviving Kardis the Destroyer will allow him to become a necromancer and thus ruler of the dead. This conversation is witnessed by the Grey Witch Karla.

Back in Kanon, the Kanon Free Army marches, lead by Parn and Deed, to meet up with Prince Reona’s forces at Rood. Deed notes the angst-filled Spark and points it out to Parn as the army arrives at a hilltop that affords them a view of the distant, dark island of Marmo. Elsewhere, King Kashue’s army, haven taken Alania, now march south for Rood to aid Prince Reona. This too is witnessed by Karla.

In Valis, King Etoh’s holy warriors have driven Marmo’s forces from their lands and King Etoh decides to keep fighting. This is also witnessed by Karla, who wonders where her plans for perfect balance within Lodoss went astray.

At Rood, Prince Reona has a war council where intel has Marmo forces at four major strongholds within Rood. He decides to have his forces attack all four strongholds at once lest Ashram manage to consolidate his forces at a single point. Reona assigns Spark’s party to take the center of the city since he has a small force that can move rapidly. Plus, as Deed notes, his party contains a powerful mage, cleric, and a shamanist making them very powerful magically. The plan fixed, the attack will begin first thing in the morning.

That evening, preparations are made and Spark asks for his team to lend him their strength for the upcoming task. This too is noted by Karla.

In Rood, the dark elf Pirotess reports to Ashram that Karla has been seen all over Lodoss. This causes concern and Ashram learns that the Marmo council has decreed Ashram’s forces must hold Rood at all costs but they haven’t revealed their plans to Ashram. As such, Ashram orders Pirotess to prepare as many ships as she can. Ashram realizes that there are more forces working against him than just the forces of Kanon, Valis, or Flaim. As such, he plans to see what Wagnard is up to himself.

The next day dawns and Spark’s party gears up to do the job they’ve been tasked with.


It was so nice of Neese to be held willingly by Wagnard as he casts his spell at Spark. How about a counter spell, Neese? No? Maybe you could thrash around, even head-butt Wagnard so that he’s unable to cast his spell. What’s that? Oh, I’m sorry. You’re having a relapse of Spark’s Disease. My bad, Neese-sama.

Gah. This is what I dislike about clichéd shounen titles. Then there’s Spark’s whole angst, which while I’m not opposed to angst, it just is so clichéd here and as such, annoying. And it gets more annoying when Spark then says something stupid like, “Please lend me your strength” to his party, and of course they are all oh so proud of the smeg head.

Still, I cannot deny a small level of interest here in the main story. In the hands of better writers to lift this from the shounen bonds, this wouldn’t be a bad fantasy tale.

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