Hayate no Gotoku 20

SPOILER Summary: Nagi is dressed for school, which shocks Hayate until he remembers that it is summer vacation. As such, Nagi has big plans to goof off and spend time with Hayate.

As the trio of girls from Katsura-sensei’s class pay a visit on their favorite teacher (calling her “Katsura-chan”), Hayate inquires of Maria about an ultimate attack considering the other butlers he’s met have one. Nagi decides to help, thinking Hayate wants to be cool in front of her. Despite being annoyed that the two of them would think she knows anything about an ultimate attack, she leads them to the mansion’s giant library with sections for Nagi containing manga and game books.

Maria doesn’t believe a book on ultimate attacks will be there, but as she leaves, there’s a book on ultimate attacks, specifically the Sanzenin Secret Techniques. Maria now recalls the former butler, Himegami-kun, using the book and so Nagi and Hayate decide to start training. Tama is enlisted to help, but as Nagi goes through the books, the attacks all are desperation moves such as if you are on fire or falling off a cliff.

Nagi notices a special attack for making the object of one’s affections all “love-love” for you and gets flustered when Hayate wants to read the book for himself. She ends up walking off a cliff, only to fall on Hayate who’d raced with Tama to save her. Realizing the connection between them was already great, Nagi decides she doesn’t need the move, but when she learns of Hatate’s promise to Hina about learning an ultimate move, Nagi burns the book in a fit of jealousy.

Nagi walks outside the mansion grounds and is arguing with an imaginary Hina-chan when Nishizawa-san arrives, worried about Hayate. They recognize each other and Nagi addresses Nishizawa with various “Hamster” names. This is observed by Hayate and Maria, who’d been concerned for Nagi. Nishizawa decides she and Nagi must battle, which Nagi is just in the mood for. Nishizawa takes Nagi to a karaoke place, which while a nice one, Nagi sees as smaller than a toilet room in her mansion.

Maria and Hayate follow Nishizawa and Nagi to the karaoke place and rent their own box to stay close. Meanwhile, Nishizawa does her first song and only scores 35%. Nagi, despite never having done karaoke before, scores 100%, having professional singing lessons to her credit. Nishizawa isn’t done and the fight continues. Sadly, Nishizawa loses every time.

As they leave, Nagi offers to pay for the rental and drinks, but Nishizawa won’t be in debt to her rival. Nagi scoffs at the idea of being a true rival of Nishizawa’s since they are not even in the same class socially, economically, or any where else. Nagi’s security is waiting to take her home, having been notified of her location due to Hayate but before Nagi can leave, Nishizawa challenges her again. Nagi accepts, telling Nishizawa she can come by any time.

Back in the karaoke place, Maria is still singing her heart out while Hayate is ready to call it a night.

Thoughts: Another fun episode. The learning of ultimate attacks was the funniest stuff to me. I can’t help but feel so sorry for Nishizawa-san and her unrequited love for Hayate. Still, the way the episode ended, it seemed like Nishizawa and Nagi could actually be friends.

The karaoke singing reminded me of how often seiyuu perform the song tracks for different anime series. Of course that’s a win for an anime company because they don’t have increased licensing fees for using other people’s works. Not only that, but when it comes to licensing out the anime to an R1 company, you don’t have the issue that FUNimation had with Kodocha.

References: Feel free to send me any I missed or correct me if I’m wrong. If anyone knows the two manga titles in the library, let me know.

  1. When Nagi and Hayate inquire about an ultimate attack, we are given a scan shot of Maria-san in the outfit Bruce Lee wore in Game of Death. It is sorta similar to the one Uma Therman wore in Kill Bill, but in this episode, it is almost certainly from Bruce Lee’s movie based on the pose Maria is seen in.
  2. In the library, when Nagi fantisizes about Hayate in gold armor, that apparently comes from the series Saint Seiya.
  3. When discussing the special technique for the fire attack, MAKOTO Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin is the one seen on fire as Nagi reads from the book.
  4. In the karaoke battle, Nishizawa-san sees Nagi as TSUKISHIMA Kirari-chan from manga and anime series Kirarin Revolution. I’ve not seen that series, but I’m told Nagi may even be singing the second OP theme from that series.

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