Record of Lodoss War (TV) 23

SPOILER Summary: On the ship bound for Marmo, Spark has a nightmare about Neese and Wagnard. The ship arrives at the shores of Marmo, and Spark’s party as well as Parn, Deed, Slayn, Leyila, Maar, and the cleric Hobb set off. As the Grey Witch observes them, Leaf and Deed both sense something not right about the forest they’ve entered.

Spark is unconcerned and because of this, he, Garrack, Parn, and Maar get separated from the rest of the party. Karla’s plan is to ensure balance is restored to Lodoss and to do that as well as stop Wagnard’s plans to resurrect Kardis, she has to stop these so-called heroes. Spark and the three others suddenly find themselves fighting mud-beasts while Deed and the remaining members suddenly find themselves fighting gargoyles. All seems lost when somehow Neese, being prepared on the alter to Kardis, makes a mental connection with Spark. He’s able to see the bugs that are in fact the heart of the mud creatures and so they are able to free themselves in time to save Deed and company from destruction from gargoyles.

As Wagnard continues his overly-lengthy ceremony for Neese, in Lodoss, the forces of Valis arrive with ships, thus providing transportation to Marmo for the forces of Kanon and Flaim. Queen Shiris also arrives with her dragon riders to provide cover for the united forces as they get ready to invade Marmo.

Having made it out of the swampy woods, Spark and Parn’s party suddenly find themselves facing the Ancient Dragon known as Narse, courtesy of Karla.

Thoughts: Spark gets his disease again. “I don’t care about anything because Neese is going to get hurt. We loose most of our party, but I don’t care because Neese. Neese! A weird forrest with a mind of its own means nothing to me, even if it kill you all. Screw you non-sword fighters because its Neese! NEESE!” What a loser. He needs so many kicks in the butt, it isn’t even funny.

The powerful Grey Witch Karla also falls victim to Spark’s Disease. “Oh if only I can stop those meddling hero-wannabes, Wagnard won’t have to resurrect Kardis.” I would have laughed, had I not been tired. Seriously, as if a man who’s only goal in life is to be a bloody necromancer would stop that goal just because Karla had done her part to achieve balance. Yeah, whatever.

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