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Since I know not everyone checks my Tenchi Muyo! FAQ site, I thought I’d share some news provided to me by Atonashi here as well.

GXP Novel 4 will be out in a few days, on 8/20.


This year’s Summer Comiket started today (8/17) and Kajishima is represented with the usual Kamidake + Kajishima Onsen doujin pair, #8 and 7.08 respectively.


The Ryoko and Ryo-ohki story from 6.12 is continued in 7.08 and then there’s some stuff between Minaho and Noike and Airi before their Earth trip. That second story is supposed to continue in the next issue. Kamidake 8 is again a genga collection like it’s been lately, only the cover is new.

In his status report Kajishima says the GXP book will be out in August as already mentioned and that it’s not yet certain when Seikishi Monogatari will be aired, but work has started on scripts and designs. I guess that means the production team has started on it and not just him because otherwise it wouldn’t be news.

I don’t have the actual doujins yet so this is based on what I’ve heard but it should be accurate.

I may try to score 7.08 for myself, assuming it isn’t already sold out.

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