Record of Lodoss War (TV) 27 (finale)

SPOILER Summary: Naneel sends her death spell out over Marmo, and also into Lodoss and as far as the city of Rood. In Marmo, the Ancient Gold Dragon Mycen shields the dragon riders of Moss from the spell and King Kashue orders his mages to cast protection spells. King Etoh arrives with a hoard or clerics and casting a powerful protection spell, they are able to cancel out the death spell of Naneel.

Kardis hovers over and in the ceremony room as Spark decides to fight the deity. Of course, his blind attack is easily repulsed to the amusement of Naneel. Leaf and Greeves attempt to cast spells, but are stopped by Kardis. The connection between Spark and Neese is reformed so that Neese is able to see out. Naneel and Neese talk about Neese’s destiny as the doorway to summon Kardis. Neese casts a holy spell (prayer) of Marfa within her mind, which causes her physical body pain. Apparently, Neese’s wish to destroy Naneel and Kardis gives them strength.

As the armies gathered at Rood quickly take ships to the Marmo shore, the moron, Spark presses forward and somehow gets pulled into where Neese and Naneel are. Naneel tells him he can’t kill her without killing Neese, whom he’s sworn to protect. Neese confirms this, so Spark grabs Neese and gets her away from Naneel. He tells her sappy stuff and she returns in kind. Now, she decides to accept Naneel and casting a second prayer to Marfa, Naneel is surprised to find herself not taking control of Neese but rather just the opposite. As it turns out, Neese has summoned Marfa, who has sent Kardis packing and done something with Naneel. Spark is given a choice — have Neese returned to him, or to fully summon Marfa, who will bring peace and happiness to the world at the cost of Neese’s life. He chooses Neese.

Before leaving, Marfa bathes Marmo with light, turning it into a lush island instead of a dark one. She also brings back the people slain by Naneel, including Garrack. Spark shows up with Neese and much later, Spark is made an official knight (of Flaim) and Parn is changed from Free Knight to Knight of Lodoss. Parn and Deed head off to someplace and Lodoss is all sunshine and lollipops.

Thoughts: You know, I only started watching this title because I saw the cover of a RightStuf catalog which had the chibi, super-deformed characters from the OVA there (and who show up in the shorts at the end of each TV episode). It seemed interesting to me and so now, here I am finally at the last episode.

This series was way to mired in shounen fare to be good. There were good elements to be sure, but the shounen stuff was just a bit much at times, as it was in this episode. Besides, did Marfa completely destroy Kardis? Naneel? I’m not sure, though it sorta seemed like it with the narrator saying something about darkness never returning to Lodoss. And what of Karla? I’m not sure what happened to her either.

I’ll have to ponder my final review for the Community Anime Review site, but it won’t be a buy.

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