Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 32

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight 32

SPOILER Summary: The Jya-ryuzoku named Dragode is now unsealed and Sarutobi can do nothing to fight it. Dragode states he doesn’t fight the weak, but when Idoro informs him that Sarutobi has a Ryu unit, he changes his mind. Sarutobi summons Bakuretsumaru and is aided by Gratches in Ryu Chief Shinebaram and Adeu in Ryu Knight Zephyr. However, Dragode is easily able to fend off the Ryu units and stabs Zephyr, which seriously injures Adeu while sending the Ryu unit back to card form. Iori manages to swipe Yamikaze from Idoro and get it to Sarutobi. However, he’s unable to harm Dragode and with Adeu’s life in danger, it is time to retreat. Unfortunately, Idoro manages to kidnap Iori and demands that she be handed all of the Spirit Stones before

Back at the village, Momochi-sama has done what he can to treat Adeu. Sarutobi decides to go rescue Iori and Gratches decides to accompany him. The rest of the group is brought in and Izumi’s cleric powers are used to heal Adeu.

In the flying fortress, Idoro is taunted by Iori briefly before Idoro shuts her up. Sarutobi observes the fortress and plots his assault when Gratches arrives. They take a ninja kite up and Sarutobi asks Gratches if Gratches thinks Sarutobi has gotten stronger since Gratches has defeated Sarutobi in combat. Gratches confesses that while he may have beaten Sarutobi, Sarutobi made him fear simply because of the vast power Sarutobi has. They reach the fortress and are observed by Idoro. Dragode meets them, which Gratches fights with Shinebaram while Sarutobi goes to rescue Iori.

Down below, Paffy tries to keep Adeu from joining Izumi, Katze, Hittel, and Gesshin as his wounds aren’t healed. However, Adeu will not be persuaded and so the two join the group as Gratches fights a desperate battle with Dragode. The group enter their Ryu units while Izumi and Paffy casts wind spells to get Zephyr, Hayatemaru, and Derringer to the flying fortress. As they fly up, Sarutobi, in Bakuretsumaru, accesses the power of Yamikaze to free Iori and defend themselves against Idoro. Idoro vows to get the Spirit Stone from him no matter what and flees.

Meanwhile, Adeu and the others have joined the fight against Dragode, but aren’t strong enough to defeat him nor harm him. Dragode easily handles them all and nearly sends Gratches off the surface of the flying fortress until Sarutobi rescues him. The Spirit Stone Yamikaze resonates with the other Spirit Stones causing Adeu to be able to transform Zephyr into its Ryu Paladin form. Sarutobi summons the power of Yamezaki and asks it to help him seal Dragode once more. He throws it and the weapon again peirces Dragode in the head, starting the sealing process. Adeu then uses Ryu Paladin’s Meteor Zapper attack to dispatch the Jay-ryuzoku, allowing Yamikaze to be free for use.

Idoro is stunned that they were able to defeat Dragode but swoops in to steal Yamikaze before Sarutobi can retrieve it. She detaches the section of the flying fortress they are on, causing all of the Ryu units to fall to the ground. Fortunately, Izumi and Paffy are there with their wind spells to allow the group to safely land.

As the group leaves, Sarutobi promises Iori and Momochi-sama that he’ll retrieve Yamikaze and that he’ll be back stronger than ever. Upon leaving, Gratches and Adeu tease Sarutobi about him eventually marrying Iori.

Thoughts: OK, I was completely wrong about what would happen between Idoro and Dragode. I’ve no idea why a Jya-ryuzoku would work with her unless she’s also a Jya-ryuzoku in disguise (we’ve already seen one powerful mage that was one, who’s mission was to capture Ryu units). But then why would she want her Galden-sama to be the ruler of all Earth Tear? No clue.

So far, only Adeu’s Ryu unit has shown a “version up” mode where Ryu Knight Zephyr becomes Ryu Paladin Lord Zephyr. Hayatemaru got his Spirit Stone, but no Ryu upgrade. Paffy got one as well, but then she’s not been able to use it. Sarutobi had one briefly and was able to use it, but again, no “version up” mode. I wonder if the other Ryu units will have them or not.

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