Japanese Confectionery Scandal

For those of us who’ve seen a lot of anime titles or read a lot of manga titles (especially those with English adaptations geared with a Japanese perspective in mind) will know of some Japanese foods and deserts. Things like taiyaki, melon pan (or other “pan” products), Pocky Sticks, Christmas cake, or daifuku products are a staple in anime and manga, and not surprising since they are a part of Japanese life.

So it was with some interest that I read about the Akafuku company (who makes mochi along with other confectionery products) is caught in a bad scandal over lying about its product.


I think it was Negima! that introduced me to mochi. Indeed, I had intended to pick up some last year when I was at the Denver Sakura Festival but didn’t get it (I got some other stuff instead). Now I’m glad I passed on that.

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