Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 39

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 39
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 39

SPOILER Summary:

Galden dreams he has defeated all the Ryu units, only to be mocked by Idoro. He awakens to find himself in a cave by a fire, having been wounded. Adeu comes with fresh firewood and Galden grabs a stick to defend himself, but his wound prevents him from doing anything. Galden doesn’t understand why an enemy would treat him nice, to which Adeu spews off one of his knight platitudes about protecting the weak. Adeu wonders why Galden wants to fight and learns that Galden wants to be “Lord of Lords” of Earth Tear. Galden inquires if Adeu does not want the same. Adeu confesses that at one time he wanted to be the strongest on Earth Tear but thanks to Paffy and the others, he’s learned that not having people to fight for makes it all worthless.

Meanwhile at an inn somewhere, Paffy and the others have had no luck finding Adeu, nor any luck finding the entrance to Eldogia. Izumi knows that a Jya-ryuzoku attack could come at any moment, so finding Gratches’ Spirit Stone becomes extremely important. Hagu Hagu looks out into the night sky and briefly sees a land mass out at sea before it disappears from view.

Back at the cave, Galden puts his armor back on and summoning his sword, he points it at the sleeping Adeu, wondering how one could sleep so soundly in the presence of their enemy. He exits the cave and Adeu wakes up, gets dressed, and joins him. As Adeu tries to get Galden to fight with them to defeat the Jya-ryuzoko and defend Earth Tear, Sarutobi arrives and is angry to find Adeu cavorting with the enemy. Since Galden still has the Spirit Stone, Sarutobi is determined to get it and summons Ryu Ninja Bakuretsumaru. Galden summons Dark Knight Steru and the two begin to battle. Adeu summons Ryu Knight and attempts to stop the fighting, much to Sarutobi’s annoyance.

Izumi, Paffy, and Gratches are in a boat searching for Eldogia. They enter a fog field but without changing course, they find themselves heading back to the shore they’d just left. They turn around and head back into the fog. Sadly, the result is the same. It is then that Izumi notices the Ryu units in the distance, to include Ryu knight. On the shore but about the same distance away, Katze, Gesshin, and Hittel have been searching and see the Ryu’s as well. Noticing Galden’s Steru, the group hurries to assist.

About that time, two Doom units arrive containing Doan and Gimel and they give Galden a chance to join them. He refuses and the battle is on. Adeu gets Galden to work with him and while Galden gets some attacks in, they aren’t good enough. The others arrive with their Ryu units and of course they make no progress against the much more powerful Dooms. Adeu has Zephyr transform to Paladin form but still can’t make much leeway. However, a dragon arrives and all of the Ryu rider’s Spirit Stone glow. The power from the dragon combined with the the dragon’s own attacks allows it and Adeu to send the Doom units into the sea.

The dragon states it will take them to Eldogia and so they get on the dragon’s back. Adeu tries to encourage Galden to join them and keeps Sarutobi from fighting him. However, Galden decides against it.


The episode was pretty much what I expected. I’m sure Galden will end up working with Adeu and company again before its all over and his Ryu unit may even end up returning back to its true form. We’ll see though.

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