Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 179) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans.

Summary: Negi and Asuna are talking when Anya attacks Negi with a flaming kick, which both he and Asuna avoid. Asuna is ready for an enemy, but its only Negi’s childhood friend Anya, who’s set her robe on fire by accident. After the fire is out, she states she’s there to take Negi back for Nekane-oneechan. Anya is annoyed at having to have come to Japan to find him, to say nothing of having to track him to the beach. When Asuna speaks, Anya recognizes her as a girl who shows up most frequently in his pictures and considers her an enemy. However, she puts on pleasant face and states she’ll take care of Negi and drags him off.

Negi convinces Anya to hang out for some Japanese food while the other girls are all interested in seeing Negi’s friend. Anya is happy by all the food and the two get caught up with Anya speaking of her training as a fortune teller in London. Negi has grown some and now is taller than the somewhat older Anya, so she goes tip-toes to rise up, leading Negi to do the same. The girls find this cute, but Paru notices how informal Negi’s speech is with Anya compared to the other girls in the class. The only others he addresses in a casual style are Takahata-sensei and Kotaro-kun (to say nothing of Chamo) which means he has a wall around his heart, which shocks the girls.

Negi and Anya continue their meal and talk when the pressure of all the girls trying to listen at the door cause it to collapse. Anya recognizes these girls but controls herself and puts on a smile to introduce herself.

Ayaka and some other girls approach Negi after dinner around the baths and beg him to address them informally. Anya enters the onsen where Yue and Nodoka are. Seeing their small chest size, Anya decides to consider them as friends.

Thoughts: Well, Anya being worked into the story while Negi is still in Japan means she’s likely going to go with the group to Wales and beyond since there’s no doubt she’ll learn all the stuff about Negi and his pactios and will get jealous about that and want to be around Negi at all times. From a story point of view, depending on how much strength Anya has, she can be another member of the battle harem I guess. And to be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing that as Anya was there for Negi when he was studying so hard.

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