Ah! My Goddess Ch. 226 *SPOILERS*

Thanks to GMT for the scans.

Summary: As the group wakes up from having been knocked out, Keiichi is stunned by all the beautiful women around him, most of all by the site of Belldandy. This is because he has amnesia as do all of the megami and his sister, Megumi, who wonders if K1 captured them. Belldandy decides to explore the temple grounds for clues while Urd grills Keiichi, suspicious about the purple suit he is wearing. Belldandy returns and states there is no reason for concern, citing the open door, the signs of a party (including the empty sake bottle), and finally K1’s face.

Belldandy not only lets them know they’ve lost their memories, but that the temple-home belongs to Morisato-san. Belldandy’s actions lead Urd to name her “Holmes” after Sherlock Holmes. Megumi determines that Urd, Belldandy, and Skuld are from the same place because of the markings on their faces. That leads Urd to name her “Watson” and she then decides to name herself “Moriarty.” She then names Skuld as “Lestrade,” who was an Inspector in the Sherlock Holmes series. K1 wonders what his name will be from the series, but Urd has determined his name is “Purple” because of his outfit.

Belldandy-Holmes decides that that to identify who they are, they should look around at the different rooms. However, Urd suddenly feels that this is a bad idea and K1-Purple is thinking “back of the 3rd desk drawer” troubles him (meaning, that’s where he keeps his porn stashed). Urd, Skuld, and K1 decide that this should wait for later, so Belldandy decides they should clean the place up. Belldandy gets on her hands and knees to clean the floor and K1 starts staring at her butt, which annoys Skuld. K1 tells her she seems to like cleaning, which she confirms. So, he decides to help. They touch hands, which annoys Skuld.

Thoughts: Well, this is supposed to be a comedy since no one remembers who they are, but I’m not laughing. Since I doubt there will be any character advancement at the end of the day, this will be just another filler arc.

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