Genshiken 2 07

げんしけん 2 Episode 07

SPOILER Summary: With a week until graduation, Kugayama decides to pay a visit to the Genshiken room to figure out what items of his he should take and what he should leave. As Ogiue reads, Kugayama and Sasahara discuss Kugayama’s new job working at a medical equipment company, where Kugayama will likely end up in sales. Tanaka and Ohno arrive and we learn that he’s going to be attending a new school in Ueno for his continued education in clothing design. However, because the commute it so far from his current apartment, it means he’ll be moving, something Ohno states she’s OK with, but her voice says otherwise.

When Saki arrives, Ohno takes the opportunity to suggest a graduation present from her to the graduates. Naturally, she suggest cosplay, specifically a cosplay shoot. Naturally, Saki is not keen on this idea, using the excuse that she’s not graduating but promising to do so for their graduation then. However, a tearful Ohno reveals that because she was a transfer student from the U.S., she won’t have enough credits next year to graduate, meaning she still has two years of school left. Comforting Ohno, Saki hugs her and promises to cosplay as much as Ohno wants once Saki graduates.

After the graduation ceremony, Saki and Kousaka see Kitagawa-san, who was the girl who had so many problems with Genshiken’s existence. To Saki’s surprise, her attempts to blackmail Kitagawa have completely backfired now that Kitagawa is secure in her relationship and will marry him very soon and start a family. When Saki tries to ask about Kitagawa’s athlete’s foot, Kitagawa simply laughs wickedly, leaving Saki feeling defeated.

The group, sans Madarame, arrive and discuss the OVA release of their favorite anime series. Saki is annoyed that at a time like the graduation, they are discussing such things. Ogiue takes a camera to take a picture of the group and has difficulties doing so since they keep moving. Eventually, she gets the shot, with Madarame rushing in at the last second. Takayanagi shows up and has news about “Haraguro” (Haraguchi) and how he angered some folks for selling a manuscript that wasn’t his to sell and as such was being asked to pay a large sum of money.

With that, the group walks back to the Genshiken room before having their party where Madarame asks if Sasahara will continue as the president of the club. Looking over the remaining members, Sasahara decides that Ohno-san will be the perfect choice for this. She protests, but when Saki suggests that as president, she could turn the club into a cosplay research club, Saki takes the job. She immediately attempts to rope Saki into immediate cosplay but when Saki rejects it, she goes after Ogiue.

At the party, Ohno begins downing the brews. Madarame reveals that his favorite memory from school was the day that Saki cosplayed, something she’s not happy about being brought up. The group talks about this more, leading to Kuchiki getting knocked out. Saki really wants to forget those memories she considers horrible. Tanaka brings out a female figure model to show off to the guys, which is in its underwear. The drunk Ohno is not happy about this project of Tanaka’s and Saki wants to give it a look-see. Tanaka is afraid to do it and Ohno wants her to break it accidentally, but Saki doesn’t. Instead, Tanaka accidentally drops and breaks it.

Madarame reveals that he finally has a job at a plumbing company, doing computer work. The company is only 10-minutes walk away from the school, which causes quite the commotion. However, Saki is pleased that he got a real job, no matter what. The group leaves and as the snow starts to fall, they all say their final goodbyes. Tanaka, Madarame, and Kugayama have all graduated.

Thoughts: This was a slightly expanded story from the manga, but with more impact. I couldn’t help but remember the goodbyes in my life, starting with high school, college, the military, and more. Though I’ve read the manga and know what happens next, I still felt sad and the gang’s goodbyes as they headed into the night and into new lives outside of school and Genshiken. Madarame doesn’t count. ^_~

It was funny when the guys briefly noticed the girls sitting in skirts at the Japanese restaurant where everyone sits on the floor. Its wrong, but the guys suddenly trying to peek made me laugh for some reason.

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