Anime-Wiki — Time to Leave Wikipedia

Anime-Wiki — Time to Leave Wikipedia

I absolutely hate Wikipedia. Seriously, the wiki-gods over there continue to drive me spare with their hideous treatment of the anime and manga stuff. As I mentioned back in late March 2007, the self-appointed gods of that site feel that they can do what they like, including renaming the manga group CLAMP to Clamp. They routinely remove information that I found valuable from other pages, the latest being from the character entry on Clannad, where a couple of gods felt that someone had written entirely too much information about the characters and such, and so removed it all. One even suggested removing the character page completely, leaving just the few central characters on the main page with almost no information and no images. Despite the fact that Wikipedia should be a repository of information, these self-important gods have decided that detailed information is bad, and should be left for fan sites.

Frankly, I’d had it and went to find a wiki site dedicated to anime. The one I found was Anime-Wiki. While this wiki has been up for a while, it sadly has little community support, mainly because we anime and manga fans foolishly have been wasting our time on Wikipedia. However, it is up to us to make this dedicated site to anime, manga, and more the knowledge bank and leave Wikipedia’s anime and manga stuff to the losers.

Now, because one’s writing can be like one’s child, no one likes having their work criticized or modified to change what they wrote. I understand that. For example, some people prefer Japanese names to be Western-style and others Japanese style. Those are minor issues and providing the naming scheme used is referenced in the page, I don’t care either way, even though I personally try to use Japanese names in Japanese style. So building the new anime/manga knowledge repository won’t change minor conflicts that arise from those differences of opinion. However, I am assured by the site owner that they want information, and that they will not remove valid, accurate information from a series, character, or other page in the name of “its too much information.” They do ask to not go overboard on image use and to follow image uploading protocols (such as using a screen capture of a character under the “fair use” clause of copyright law).

So I hope you guys will join me in making Anime-Wiki the spot to visit for anime and manga information by adding to the site’s information. There are many, many titles that still need to be added.

Update: 29-March-2015 — The site still exists, but has errors. I kinda doubt it is being maintained. I still hate Wikipedia, but many anime series have their own Wikia sites these days, which wasn’t the case in 2007.
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