Shakugan no Shana Second 06

灼眼のシャナ II Episode 06

SPOILER Summary: Yuuji is late for meeting Ogata and Konoe to walk to school. As he walks behind them, he thinks on what Ike told him about his spending too much time with Konoe and not considering the feelings of others. When he suggest that maybe Ogata and Konoe could just walk without him, Konoe immediately comes behind him and clings to his shirt.

At school, the teacher announces that there will be a surprise test on the following day for the class to see what all they’ve learned. So Ogata pleads with Ike to do an all-night cram session with her at Sato’s house along with Tanaka. Ike will only agree if Yuuji, Yoshida, and Shana also attend. Since Shana and Yoshida have been boycotting the lunch sessions together because of Konoe, it’s up to Yuuji to head to the roof to convince them to come. As he makes his case, Shana wants to know who all will be attending, not thrilled about coming. He rattles off the names and when Shana asks who else, Konoe is suddenly there clinging to Yuuji’s shirt, meaning she’s also going to be coming.

Yuuji and Tanaka go with Sato to his home and they try to get Margery to vacate the place. Tanaka is concerned about what might happen if she and Ogata were to meet. However, Margery is drunk and a laughing Marchosias says she’s not going to wake up, which still leads to the book getting punched. The doorbell rings meaning they’ve run out of time. Ogata, Yoshida, Konoe, Ike, and Shana are there with Yoshida having a bag full of groceries. She decided that since they might get hungry, she’d fix something. Ogata volunteered to help, but since Yoshida is the only one with good grades, only Yoshida will cook.

As the group studies, Yoshida cooks, putting the image of Konoe clinging to Yuuji out of her head. When she’s done, there is much amazement from the group because the food is so good. This also leads to some jealous remarks from Sato and the other guys about the bentos Yoshida has been making Yuuji all this time. Afterward, Ogata helps Yoshida in the kitchen and explains the trick to operating the counter dishwasher since it is a bit tricky. It is then that Margery enters the kitchen which naturally leads Ogata into shock even though Yoshida naturally knows Margery.

The rest of the group wonders what’s keeping Ogata and Yoshida, so Yuuji volunteers to find out. Naturally, Konoe wants to tag along, so Shana decides Yuuji will stay and she and Konoe will investigate as Shana is determined to keep Konoe from being alone with Yuuji. They enter the kitchen and find it empty with the dishes half-done. Shana finds this strange knowing Yoshida’s work ethic, so Konoe decides to start helping. However, she’s never done any dishes, so Shana has to try to show her how even though she’s not very good herself.

At the bar in the house, Margery sits and pours herself drinks while Ogata demands to know whom she is, why she’s there, and if Yoshida truly knows her. Margery realizes what’s going on and explains that she’s in town on business, so Sato is allowing her to stay there until she gets a place of her own. Further, her relationship with Sato and Tanaka isn’t love or anything but their feelings for her are admiration. She has them do the occasional odd job and that’s that. She further gives Yoshida and Ogata advice on unrequited love and her advice makes the two feel much better.

A scream from the kitchen brings everyone running where they find the dishwasher leaking water and Konoe and Shana all wet. Shana’s attempt to shut off the water valve only results in her getting sprayed. In the end, everyone but Shana has a good laugh and Shana isn’t really upset about things. At school the following day, the test is done and the gang are going to have lunch. Ike notes that Yoshida and Shana are better disposed toward Konoe now, though the two are on the roof for a quick meeting before lunch. Yoshida relays Margery’s advice on love. When Shana asks why Yoshida is telling her, Yoshida tells her it is to be fair.

That evening, Wilhelmina promises to make Yuuji pay in their training session for taking a night off (she doesn’t accept the excuse of his studying at Sato’s place). However, before she can bring the pain, Shana steps in, deciding to see how far Wilhelmina’s training has brought Yuuji. Shana is determined to understand Yuuji’s feelings and follow Margery’s advice.

Thoughts: You know, Konoe-chan is officially irritating me. That clingy, helpless thing is something that annoys me in real life. Don’t get me wrong, at first I’m patient and totally willing to help. After a while, I’m going, “OK, you can’t be this stupid or helpless and need to start doing stuff on your own without clinging to me every second of the day.” Still, the gang meeting at Sato’s house was nice and finally, Shana and Yoshida are finally coming back around thanks to Margery Daw.

Still, while I don’t object to the stories at hand, it almost feels like stalling.

On another item from the story, if that’s what a normal Japanese dishwasher is like, I don’t think I’d much like that aspect of living in Japan. I’d miss my big old American dishwasher for sure. ^_^;

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