Clannad 11

クラナド Episode 11

SPOILER Summary: Okazaki is dreaming of the firefly-like lights when Kotomi-chan’s screeching violin brings him to reality in the classroom. The others in the class are not amused by this and the racket brings Kyou, Ryou, and Nagisa running to see what’s the matter. Kyou prevents her from doing another piece. Later in the Theater Club Room, Kyou has Kotomi working on her comedy stuff, but Kotomi can’t quite get the timing right. However, this is the only way that Kyou can keep Kotomi from the violin. When Nagisa and Ryou arrive, they go through a box of props where a “mahou baton” (magic wand) is. Kitomi tries an incantation from De Vermis Mysteriis but it fails as Okazaki imagines Kyou as a mahou shoujo to her irritation.

Since Kotomi is really rather keen on playing the violin, Ryou gets Kyou to do something and that something is to have a recital where Kotomi will play but will be never be allowed to play again (plus, she has to return the violin anyway). Kotomi, Ryou, and Nagisa head off to have Kotomi practice while Kyou prevents Okazaki from going, saying that Okazaki needs some time away from Kotomi for her own good. Kyou and Okazaki end up at a bus stop where Kyou tries to get a feel for how Okazaki feels about intelligent girls (Ryou) and relationships.

On Sunday, Okazaki gets up early and finds his father passed out from drinking in front of the TV. He leaves the place but because it is still early, he decides to pass on visiting Nagisa as she’s likely still asleep. He decides to head to Sunohara’s place but as he passes the school, he hears the unmistakable strains of Kotomi’s screeching the violin. He races into the school and finds her practicing in the library. She has a key because she was always borrowing it to read books on Sundays. Because Kotomi thought that Okazaki might show up, she made an apple pie. It is her first attempt as is her proper making of tea (rather than instant I suppose) , which surprises him since he finds it all very good to her delight. She opens a window and as the wind blows in, flower (sakura?) petals flow in.

Kotomi has a request for Okazaki and that is to read a book with him. He vetoes that idea, but suggests she read to him. She starts to read and he falls asleep, having a weird dream involving some of the girls he knows. He wakes up later and she wonders if he had a nightmare or not. When they walk home, she tells him that she was really happy he came, even though all he did was sleep.

The following day at school, Nagisa has created a poster with the Dango’s on it at Kyou’s request, advertising Kotomi’s recital. Nagisa is a bit concerned about the poster since her attempts to post recruitment posters for the Theater Club were foiled by the Student Council. Kyou assures Nagisa she’ll take care of it and goes off to invite people to the recital. Using her power as a classroom representative/leader, she “invites” a lot of people to come who wouldn’t normally do so. Not only that, but she made money off of selling earplugs to the crowd, though she warns them not to use them so quickly. Sunohara arrives all happy that a girl apparently invited him, so Okazaki decides to let him “dream” for awhile.

Misae-san arrives, having been invited by the rugby team. Tomoyo arrives and because Misae-san had been the president of the Student Council, Tomoyo introduces herself and asks if she can stop by for advice (since Tomoyo is trying to become president herself), which Misae-san agrees to. Okazaki is surprised to see Nagisa’s parents also in attendance. He asks Nagisa if this is OK considering the terrible way Kotomi plays, but Nagisa informs him that Kotomi’s playing has much improved. However, when Kotomi starts playing, there is no improvement and many casualties. When Sunohara tries to take advantage of the situation with Tomoyo, he takes further damage when she gives him a beating.

Nagisa and Kotomi walk home together with Kyou, Ryou, and Okazaki following behind. Nagisa remarks on how Kotomi played the last song really well, so much so that even her dad said as much. Okazaki wonders why they are working so hard for Kotomi, which Kyou answers by saying she has this kid side to her that causes the rest of them to have their maternal instinct kick in. They look ahead to where Nagisa and Kotomi are to find Nagisa blocking the path of a strange man as Kotomi tries to flee. The rest come to protect Kotomi, so the man decides to leave. As he does, Kotomi, shaking with fear, describes him as the bad man.

Thoughts: Kotomi-chan isn’t quite as funny as Fuko-chan was, but there are still laughs to be had. I thought the writers might fool us with Kotomi playing the violin well on the recital day, but well I suppose one more time at the bad playing well was in order.

OK, so Okazaki dreaming sees the lights. Interesting. However, does this tie in with Kotomi? And what the smeg could have happened to Kotomi at the hands of that man? Part of me thinks that he’ll end up being an innocent player in all this but we’ll see.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again — I like how it isn’t just Okazaki doing all the hero stuff to save the girls in this one. Nagisa is Okazaki’s “right hand woman” if you will and though she has a reduced role in the Kotomi story, she along with Ryou and Kyou are very instrumental in resolving the Kotomi story, and that is something I greatly like.

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