Genshiken 2 10

げんしけん 2 Episode 10

SPOILER Summary: Sasahara and Ohno are at Ogiue’s place where she’s going over the details of the forthcoming ComiFes event. Ohno, realizing there is an attraction between Ogiue and Sasahara tries to do things to encourage the two of them. She tries to get Ogiue to show her the doujinshi but it is already at the printers. She tries to get Ogiue to show Sasahara some stuff but she refuses because its yaoi. She tries to get Ogiue to show him some non-yaoi stuff for him to inspect since he wants to be a manga editor and while she’s OK with that, he turns it down, citing his recent failures in becoming a manga editor. When Sasahara and Ohno walk home, she reflects on her relationship with Tanaka and how she’s sure that Ogiue would respond to Sasahara if he approached her.

The following day, Madarame is at the Genshiken room having just eaten lunch. Everyone is out and he’s surprised when a blond girl shows up speaking English to him and being overly friendly, even hugging him. Ohno arrives with another foreign girl (Sue) who likes to spout lines in Japanese from anime and manga. After Ogiue arrives, Ohno explains that these are her American friends who’ve just arrived from the States unexpectedly for ComiFes. As such, Ohno won’t be able to help Sasahara and Ogiue at the festival since she’ll be escorting her American friends. This causes great shock for both Sasahara and Ogiue.

At Tanaka’s place, Sue begins plowing through his collection of unbuilt models while Angela wants Tanaka to make her a costume to cosplay in. Ohno tries to explain that making a costume in such a short time is not possible. Seeing Tanaka waver, she tries to convince him to put his foot down and reject her request. However, in the end he agrees to make the costume, leading Ohno to tell him he’s too nice. When Angela requests her measurements be taken, she just pops off her shirt and appears topless before Tanaka, much to Ohno’s irritation.

Sometime later back at the Genshiken room, Angela is alone with Madarame. Since she only speaks English, communication between the two of them is difficult as she request the August issue of a magazine. He figures out what she wants and produces the magazine from the shelf. As he hands it to her, she has him sit by her and turn the pages for her as they look at it together. She begins speaking to him in English and while he doesn’t know what she’s saying, she begins flirting with him. However, before things get to the kissing stage, they are interupted when Saki and Kousaka arrive. Ohno and Sue arrive shortly thereafter and they all have a big laugh at Sue’s continued use of Japanese lines from anime and manga. Later when Ohno, Suzy, and Angela walk home, Angela cryptically states what appears to be her attraction for Madarame, though it goes over Ohno’s head.

Thoughts: All this interaction between Madarame and Angela wasn’t in the manga, but it sure is humorous in the anime. Angela’s seiyuu spoke the best English of them all. I was surprised at the amount of English spoken in this episode, but then the American series “Heroes” has a ton of Japanese spoken in it so maybe it isn’t so surprising (though in “Heroes,” the Japanese spoken is much better than the English spoken in this anime).

The setup for the visit to Ogiue’s house was removed so I wonder if people who haven’t read the manga will realize that this is where Ohno and Sasahara are at the beginning of the episode. Nevertheless, an enjoyable episode.

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  2. Jais says:

    hello this is really random but I saw your blog when I tried searching for blogs that featured Genshiken… and I agree… that bit with Angela is very funny… especially how she seemed to “adore” Madarame and his “long fingers”.. lmao… hehe…

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