Shakugan no Shana Second 10

灼眼のシャナ II Episode 10

SPOILER Summary: Shana and Alastor are stunned by Yuuji’s silver flame and Yuuji remembers that Margery Daw is looking for. Yuuji wonders why he has this and Shana states that no Tomogara has a silver flame but even she doesn’t know what all this means. However, to avoid letting Margery know about this, the training of Yuuji will not be restricted to avoid his using his power. Later when Yuuji is in bed, he thinks of how he is a Torch, a Mystes, and now has a mysterious silver flame.

The next day, Yuuji meets Oga outside Konoe’s mansion. She tells him that the butler told her that Konoe wasn’t feeling well but would be coming to school later. As they leave, inside the mansion, Konoe sits strangly still (like a doll) with the butler joining her in the room and then standing still. At school, preperations for the school festival are underway and sure enough, Konoe arrives with her butler. Konoe is going to be placed in the festival parade and as roles are handed out for parts for people to dress up as, Yuuji gets Romeo from Romeo and Juliet while Yoshida gets Juliet. Shana doesn’t feel jealous by this and Yoshida doesn’t feel overwhelmingly happy by this (though she is happy) and both realize that they’ve moved a step forward in dealing with this love-triangle. Outside class, Yuuji is worried about Konoe and thinks about stepping down from the Romeo role to try to help Konoe. However, when Shana chastises him for this (and thus leaving Yoshida), he changes his mind.

Shana and Yoshida head to Yuuji’s house as his mother will be making costumes where they reveal their feelings are currently the same. While at the house, they ask Yuuji’s mother her advice about how to proceed with things. Afterward as they head home, Shana realizes they are being tailed but not by a Tomogara. She and Yoshida manage to lose the tail, but Shana realizes this man tailing them was really good. They tail him and he heads back to Yuuji’s home where they fear the worse. When Yuuji arrives he runs into the man and Shana steps in to put him on the ground. However the man turns out to be Yuuji’s father playing a joke after being away for so long.

Yuuji’s mother has Yoshida and Shana stay for dinner as a means of apology for her husband’s behavior. He apologizes and they all have dinner where it is revealed that Chigusa and Kantarou married while in school, which is why they are still so young despite having a teenaged son. Kantarou talks about how tough it was in the early days but they made it. After dinner, Chigusa has Yuuji help her clean up as Yoshida and Shana have a talk with Kantarou. As before, they ask his advice on how to proceed with Yuuji and he helps as best he can.

Meanwhile in Paris, Wilhelmina meets up with the Flame Haze Khamsin Nbh’w. He confirms that Pheles is alive and she is searching for the Reiji Maigo, which is currently within Yuuji. It is only a matter of time until she finds it.

Thoughts: Some interesting developments on the Yuuji front with his silver flame. Looks like the stage is being set to make Margery Daw an opponent along with Pheles. And Konoe looking like a doll in the one scene is just another one of those teases which likely won’t be resolved until the end of this series.

The love-triangle with Shana, Yoshida, and Yuuji is…well, I’m not sure how I feel about it now. But I did like it that Shana and Yoshida talked with Yuuji’s mother and then his father (his first appearance in either anime series) to get advice.

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