Genshiken 2 11

げんしけん 2 Episode 11

SPOILER Summary: Ogiue and Sasahara meet in front of the Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center for her big day. As they walk to the table where Ogiue will be selling her doujinshi, they talk of how Ohno and her American friends came the day before and will come for all three days as outside, Suzy spouts quotes from anime in Japanese to the embarrassment of all. Ogiue and Sasahara find her table and doujinshi. Ogiue quickly inspects a copy and finds it good, though she forbids Sasahara from looking at it or even touching it, vowing he’ll be cursed if he does so.

The ComiFes starts and and Ogiue gets her first customer. She’s very nervous so Sasahara handles it all, though the customer ultimately ends up passing. However, another customer comes and this one does pay for a copy, leading Sasahara to address Ogiue as “Sensei.” Seeing how happy Sasahara is for her, Ogiue can’t help but stare at him for a bit before catching herself and excusing herself to go to the bathroom, embarrassed that she stared at him. While she’s gone, Sasahara is tempted to take a peek at the doujinshi, but doesn’t. Another customer, acting cat-like, comes and buys a doujinshi. She brings it to her friends who are in the Manga Club.

Meanwhile outside, Ohno and Angela are doing some serious cosplaying and discussing Suzy while inside, Kousaka is working his company’s booth.

Back at Ogiue’s booth, she and Sasahara discuss his job hunting problems before proceeding to her being a mangaka. As they talk, two girls show up who were friends with Ogiue in junior high school. They are impressed that she’s still doing these yaoi drawings and when they go to buy one, Ogiue gives it to them as a gift. The encounter has left Ogiue shaken somewhat when Suzy arrives. She looks at the doujinshi and tries to buy one. However, because of the language barrier, Ogiue has a difficult time in explaining to Suzy that she can have one for free. Eventually she and Sasahara convey the message and Suzy thanks them.

Madarame arrives to see how things are going. As with Sasahara, Ogiue won’t allow Madarame to look at the doujinshi. However, Suzy returns with the doujinshi open to some massive hardcore drawings, showing it to the three of them and asking for Ogiue to sign it. The moment is quite the shocker and Ogiue does autograph the doujinshi for Suzy. With Suzy camped out enjoying the doujinshi, Ohno gives them a call to see how things are and to see if they are going to celebrate afterward. It is decided that the group will go to a nearby bath-onsen facility although it is clear that Ohno had wanted to get Sasahara and Ogiue alone together.

At the onsen, Suzy continues to embarrass Ohno with her spouts of famous lines from anime. Angela tries to get Ohno to calm down about the situation while Suzy follows Ogiue around, even trapping her in a corner and flashing her for some reason. In another section of the onsen, Madarame, Tanaka, and Sasahara discuss Kousaka and Kugayama and things. Ogiue reflects on the day as well until she’s interrupted by Suzy.

The following day at the airport, Ogiue learns that Ohno has now seen her doujinshi. Angela requests a copy of the Genshiken doujinshi. Sasahara protests that it is for guys, but she’s OK with those kinds of doujinshi as well. Sasahara again protests, saying they’d have to get Kugayama’s permission before they could give her a copy. Angela and Suzy leave Japan and the doujinshi they purchased will be shipped to them by Ohno.

Thoughts: I found this somewhat funnier than the manga story. Suzy’s displaying Ogiue’s hardcore manga page was funnier because of the sound effects and music played. Then the added story of them going to the bath-onsen in town was funny because of Suzy following Ogiue around and ultimately flashing her for some reason.

I liked how the relationship between Ogiue and Sasahara has the foundation continued to be laid.

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  1. Jais says:

    hmm… I haven’t read the manga (although I already have all the volumes… how weird is that?) but in the anime I liked how Ogiue and Sasaraha found out how easy it was to talk to each other… hehe… and uhmm yeah I almost died of laughter when Suzy suddenly exposed Ogi-chan’s manga… ^__^

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