Pocket Monsters 03

ポケットモンスター Ep. 03

SPOILER Summary: Satoshi launches his Monster Ball at a Caterpie and because it is a weak Pokémon, he’s able to contain it in the Monster Ball without a fight. He’s very happy about his first capture but Kasumi isn’t so impressed since she can’t stand bugs. So Satoshi decides to let Caterpie out of his Monster Ball to ride on his shoulder. However, Caterpie sees Kasumi and decides to give her some lovin’. Naturally this bothers Kasumi a great deal and causes Caterpie to be depressed. Still, after Satoshi leaves with his Pokémon, Kasumi follows, if only to get out of the Tokiwa Forrest.

That night at camp as Kasumi and Satoshi sleep, Pikachu and Caterpie have some sort of Pokémon conversation while gazing at the moon. The next morning, Kasumi awakens to find Caterpie sleeping with her, which causes her to scream. Caterpie decides to retreat to its Monster Ball having been rejected by Kasumi a 2nd time. Satoshi tells the Monster Ball that eventually they’ll win Kasumi over before turning his attention over to a nearby Pidgeon Pokémon, which is an upgraded Poppon bird-type Pokémon. He cannot capture it with just the Monster Ball, so Satoshi summons Caterpie. However, Pidgeon easy outmatches Caterpie and Satoshi is forced to recall it and send Pikachu into the fray. Pikachu sends an electric attack which brings down the bird and allows Satoshi to capture it.

As Kasumi chastises Satoshi for being dumb for not knowing Caterpie had no chance against Pidgeon, Rocket-dan arrive with Musashi and Kojiro making their normal introduction and demanding Pikachu since it appears to be a special one. He refuses so they send their Pokémon Arbo and Dogas to battle Pikachu. Kojiro has Dogas send a Sludge attack to put out Pikachu. So Satoshi summons Pidgeon who does OK at first but is soon sent packing. Since his only other Pokémon is Caterpie, Satoshi has no choice but to use it. Initially it seems hopeless but then Caterpie uses a coccon-type attack to put out all of Rocket-dan’s Pokémon by wrapping them in thread.

Defeated, Rocket-dan retreats and Satoshi celebrates his victory. Again, he tries to get Kasumi to accept this bug-type Pokémon and pet it but before she can, it begins spewing thread. Satoshi places it on the ground and Caterpie evolves into Trancel, an armored caterpillar. Apparently the Caterpie Pokémon evolves faster than any other type of Pokémon. Satoshi is excited to now have a Trancel now and wonders what the next evolution will be as Trancel observes a butterfly Pokémon.

Thoughts: Silly and certainly kiddie, but I had some fun watching this.

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2 Responses to “Pocket Monsters 03”

  1. Dusk_K says:

    Good summary. It’s interesting to find that a “PokéBall” is also called a “Monster Ball.”

    I think this episode shows some of Kasumi and Satoshi’s funniest moments. AAML. ^_______^

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah, “Monster Ball” is the actual term the Japanese use (in Engrish of course). It is interesting to see this in Japanese. Too bad this will unlikely ever be released in Japanese in the U.S.

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