Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 186) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 20 Chapter 186

Summary: Yue gives a lengthy talk about the Celtics, the other world, and the magic world but sadly no one is listening. Donet gathers the group around as Negi thinks about this puts him a step closer to his father. His thoughts are interrupted by a strange (dangerous) feeling. He checks with Ku Fei and Setsuna but neither of them sense anything. Setsuna checks with Donet, who assures her and Negi that with all the security in place on the other side, there is no danger. All of this is observed by the girls from Ayaka’s group. As the gate activates, a few of the girls (to include Ako, Makie, and Yuuna) approach. Yue provides more information and Konoka wants there to be angels or fairies in the Magic World.

The gate activates and before the extra girls can leave the area, everyone is sent to the Magic World. Their arrival point is like an airport, with all the stones there, but instead of being in a field, they are inside a facility. While one of the extra girls rushes to find what’s going on, Yue, Para, and Nodoka head to a balcony to observe the capital with its buildings, rock formations, and flying creatures to include flying whales. Meanwhile, Negi and Setsuna check all of the group’s weapons to include Negi’s staff with the gate staff. They treat him as a celebrity because of his father, even calling him “Negi Springfield-sama.”

At the gate, Donet summons Negi where a group of scared and stunned girls (Makie, Ako, Yuuna, & Akira) are being held by security mages. They apologize and Negi wonders what he will do about this. The Aru Aba members are also in a worried state but before things can get resolved, Negi senses something bad and since the extra girls made it through the gate, something worse can. He orders Setsuna to use her detection arts and requests a nearby guard summon support. Negi pulls out his small wand and begins getting Aru Alba in position for danger. If he’s over reacting, the oh well.

Fate Averruncus is surprised that Negi noticed him and wondered if Negi’s genetics led to it since Fate should not have been noticed. As such, he sends a large, stone shard which pierces Negi’s left chest from the back and completely penetrates his body.

Thoughts: I honestly didn’t think they’d be fighting Fate so soon and that’s a pretty huge wound for Negi to take. I’d say it would be a fatal wound but lets face it, Negi isn’t going to die so we’ll see how this plays out. Then again, Ala Alba’s weapons are all locked up and I guess we’ll see how powerful the security forces at the gate are.

As for Fate, I guess his mission was not to fight since he was trying to go undetected and indeed he had since only Negi had sensed him.

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  1. mastermack0 says:

    AHAHA! “how powerful the security is at the gate”. You and I both know that it turns out to be crap.

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