Tsubasa Chronicle 32 – 35

ツバサ・クロニクル 32

SPOILER Summary:

The group arrives on world of darkness where there is no feather. They come to a restaurant run by Touya and Yukito, where Touya magically produces the food for them. Apparently everyone in this world is magical and some even take turns being the king or queen but Touya and Yukito don’t even question these stranger’s arrival or shock. Little people Sumomo and Kotoko arrive, having determined that Fay is a mage as they want him to check their Queen, who’s apparently not behaving normally. However, despite being sent to the castle, Fay won’t, so they are sent to jail. They break out and Fay goes to see this queen to find it is Chii. Saying he wants to be her friend, she teleports them out of the castle to Kotoko’s and Sumomo’s alarm. They send automaton forces out because if she leaves the city, the world will forever remain in darkness. Fay and Chii walk around town and even have tea at the restaurant but Fay prevents the lonely Chii from leaving the city gates, saying that running away isn’t the answer. As such, they return to the castle and the sun appears before Mokona sends them to the next world.

Thoughts: Ugh. They tried to make this Chobits ala Tsubasa Chronicle. Maybe its because I’ve read the manga, but the story did nothing for me. But hey, the writers just LOVE having the group go to worlds without a feather, so it makes no sense to the story arc with Fei Wong observing and plotting to get feathers does it?

Fei Wong: I will send them here and there for feathers! But first, because I’m bored, I’ll send them to worlds without feathers because I really don’t need them since this is all for a lark any way to piss off Yuuko-san.

ツバサ・クロニクル 33

SPOILER Summary:

Syaoran, Sakura, and Mokona find themselves separated from Kurogane and Fay. The trio are with an all-female troupe of circus performers lead by Suzuran. They are back to perform in town and bring with them their god Ashura. Men and boys are not allowed within the troupe, but for whatever reasons, Suzuran makes an exception for Syaoran and dresses him in drag. Meanwhile Kurogane and Fay find themselves with an all-male faction lead by Souseki, who worship the god Yasha, who’s statue is crying blood now that Suzuran’s troupe has returned. Some of Souseki’s guys come to assault the girls because they feel Ashura is the cause of Yasha’s bloody tears. Syaoran, in drag, defeats them and sends them running. Souseki tells them to not mess with the troupe and that evening, Syaoran and Sakura discover that Souseki and Suzuran are lovers who are often torn because of the strife between their people. Sakura goes to ask Ashura to help them but her coming into Ashura’s presence causes the statue to glow as well as Sakura, as well as causing an earthquake while Mokona detects a feather.

Thoughts: Well, we are back to the manga story, which seems to be pretty close to what I remember. No complaints.

ツバサ・クロニクル 34

SPOILER Summary:

Both statues of Ashura and Yasha glow and the glowing Sakura passes out briefly and stops glowing. Suzuran’s tears cause a reaction from Ashura and Yasha, who’s statues send beams of energy into the night sky. A glowing Mokona floats overhead and in what appears to be a state of trance, says the feather isn’t here and sends the group (even though still separated) elsewhere. When they emerge, they are found by someone looking very much like Ashura under the red moon on a battlefield. Also there is someone looking like Fay and Kurogane. The battle is ended and the warring sides sent back accordingly. Sakura and Syaoran learn that this is King Ashura and that Ashura’s forces are fighting King Yasha’s forces at this floating “castle” between the planet and the moon to have a wish granted. Suspecting that one of Sakura’s feathers are there, Syaoran gets Ashura to bring him to the next battle when both clans are summoned to the “castle.” Seeing the ones looking like Kurogane and Fay, Syaoran battles Kurogane and determines that it must be the same Kurogane even though neither he nor Fay seem to recognize Syaoran. Syaoran does well but has to be rescued by Ashura before Yasha enters the fray to face Ashura.

Thoughts: The anime really does bring forth the sexually ambiguous nature of King Ashura though as no sex is assigned to Ashura despite looking and sounding like a woman.
ツバサ・クロニクル 35

SPOILER Summary:

Sakura sleeps and in her dream, she sees Ashura inflicts a wound on Yasha’s eye (the same eye that the Yasha statue would bleed from) at the battle. She also sees that Ashura and Yasha love each other, much like Suzuran and Souseki did. With the battle over and the contestants returned, Sakura awakens and discovers that Syaoran has returned though he has an arm wound. Meanwhile at Fei Wong’s HQ, he and Xing Huo discover that Syaoran and company have gone to a world not of their design, leading Xing to wonder if Fei Wong can defeat the Time-Space Witch Yuuko-san. Back at King Ashura’s residence, she observes the loving interactions between Sakura and Syaoran. After she has a conversation with Sakura, Ashura communes with Yuuko-san, who’d received Ashura’s payment for a wish, which allowed Yuuko-san to act and counter Fei Wong and thus breaking his control over the group. Fei ponders the other Syaoran sealed in his HQ and the traveling Syaoran experiences eye pain again as he looks for clues about Kurogane and Fate. For that night’s battle, Ashura takes only Syaoran and her aide Kumara. Yasha only brings Fay and Kurogane. Ashura and Yasha meet again and Ashura apparently kills Yasha (who allows the blow to hit) as another of Sakura’s feathers reveals itself.

Thoughts: For the most part, I’ve enjoyed this. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, but Fay is fleeing a masculine King Ashura whereas the King Ashura in this world is feminine. I wonder if there is a tie-in.

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