Pocket Monsters 04

ポケットモンスター Ep. 04

SPOILER Summary: Satoshi and Kasumi are still moving through Tokiwa Forest when Satoshi sees a caterpillar-type Pokémon called Beedle. Since Kasumi hates bug-type Pokémon, she clears the area while Satoshi tries to get Pikachu to fight, but Pikachu is in a bed apparently asleep. He summons Pidgeon to weaken Beedle so he can capture it. Kasumi runs into a boy dressed in Samurai attire and speaking in an old dialect used in the Samurai times. He’s looking for Pokémon trainers from Masara Town to fight. As such, Kasumi rushes off to warn Satoshi. The Samurai Boy challenges Satoshi just as he’s about to capture Beedle, thus allowing the Pokémon to escape.

Satoshi is annoyed at losing his prize and so accepts Samurai Boy’s challenge. Samurai Boy summons Kairos (a monster-like Pokémon with horned pincher) and Satoshi re-summons Pidgeon. However, the bird is tired and in the battle, doesn’t fare well. So Satoshi recalls him and summons Trancel. Kairos grips Trancel, but Trancel’s hardened form damages Kairos’ pincher, so Samurai Boy summons his own Trancel. There’s not much two Trancel can do to each other since they really can’t move (at least, not much). Despite this, neither Samurai Boy or Satoshi give up. However, the “fight” as such is brought to a halt when a swarm of Spear Pokémon arrive (being two-generations evolved from Beedle).

Pikachu jumps in and attacks, but the shock also hits Satoshi. Satoshi cannot recover Trancel since a Spear has grabbed it. Kasumi grabs Satoshi because they need to flee and they follow Samurai Boy. They eventually manage to lose the Spear, only to discover they are near a tree were a large number of Cocoon Pokémon are, which are the evolved state of Beedle just before they turn into Spear. Trancel is under the tree but before Satoshi can do anything, all of the Cocoon evolve and they have to flee again, this time to Samurai Boy’s house. There, Satoshi learns that Samurai Boy had been recently defeated by three different Pokémon Trainers from Masara Town and thus his interest in defeating Satoshi.

The following morning, Satoshi sneaks out to where the Cocoon and Spear reside to try to retrieve Trancel. Nyarth, the Rocket-dan cat-like Pokémon that can speak, lands noisily on Satoshi’s head. When Satoshi gets annoyed and calls Nyarth “Nyarth,” Nyarth swipes him with his claw and demands to be addressed as “Nyarth-sama.” Musashi and Kojiro also arrive and start to make their noisy into speech. Satoshi tries to get them to be quiet, but Musashi says they have to say the speech to set the proper mood. Their noise awaken the Spear, who attack. Satoshi manages to dodge the attack, leaving Rocket-dan in their path. They chase Rocket-dan while Satoshi apologizes to Trancel for being careless.

When another Spear comes to attack, Satoshi grabs the Pokémon and flees, but trips and falls. Trancel manages to move and with his hardened form, break the Double Needle attack of Spear, and thus evolve to Butterfree, the final stage for the Caterpie Pokémon. Butterfree uses its Sleep Attack to take out the entire swarm of Spear, Beedle, as well as Rocket-dan. They part company with Samurai Boy and leave Tokiwa Forest to head for Nibi City.

Thoughts: Well, another silly, kiddie, but fun episode. It has only been four episodes and we’ve been introduced to 16 different Pokémon. Granted a few are evolved forms, but still. Sheeze.

What I want to know is why didn’t Satoshi grab a Spear Pokémon when he had a chance (unless he did off camera)?

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2 Responses to “Pocket Monsters 04”

  1. Dusk_K says:

    Maybe it bugs him so much that he doesn’t want to grab it.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Hmmmm….maybe. Still, one would think that a great Pokémon Master would get more. And then there’s the 4Kids “Gotta Catch Them All” thing in my head. ^_^;

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