Dirty Pair 01

ダーティペア Episode 01
Dirty Pair 01

SPOILER Summary:

Dirty Pair 01The city of Elenore is run by a central computer named Brian, who has suddenly started malfunctioning, causing all sorts of problems. In the Operations Center, they attempt to activate the G-Box to override Brian but discover it does not work and Brian continues to causes all sorts of malfunctions. In the city are the 3WA (WWWA) Trouble Consultants Kei and Yuri, officially code named “Lovely Angels” but unofficially known as “Dirty Pair,” a name they have earned from all the destruction they seem to cause when resolving cases, but a name they despise.

Dirty Pair 01Kei and Yuri are caught in one of the problem areas where they are having to deal not only with flooding, but high winds, both caused by Brian messing with the water and ventilation system of the tower they are at. People begin trying to flee, but Brian observes Yuri and Kei’s every move. They go to take control of the situation but Brian has other ideas and causes another flooding situation. They are seen in Operations as well and recognized by the guy in charge, who wants them contacted. Meanwhile Yuri and Kei override an elevator to go down to Brian’s level, but the computer sends them up instead. A rescue team is sent to make contact with Dirty Pair, but Brian destroys them.

Dirty Pair 01From the roof of the tower, Yuri makes contact with their giant cat Mughi, who’s just rescued a young girl. They order Mughi to get back to their ship (Lovely Angel) and have their computer unit Namo come to them with the ship. Brian dispatches some automated defense units which has Dirty Pair off the tower and clinging to a pipe. Brian soon rectifies that by cutting their pipe as they see Mughi take the capsule to Lovely Angel. Yuri pulls a bracelet-looking device from her boot and a parachute emerges, allowing them a rough landing to where a bunch of air cars are. As Namo pilots the ship to their location, Kei hotwires an air car just as Brian has the automated defenses target and attack them. Kei attempts to elude pursuit by some of the defense units by passing through the furnace area, which has a small window from which they can do a u-turn. Its a good idea until Yuri reminds Kei who’s in control of the furnace, forcing them to ditch the air car and make it out the hard way.

Dirty Pair 01Namo is there with Lovely Angel where they communicate with Brian via Namo. Apparently Brian felt betrayed by the G-Box installation and wanted to make the humans pay. Despite the threat from Yuri and Kei to blow him out of the water with their laser, Brian isn’t worried and deflects the laser beam, causing great destruction all around the tower and to the humans. Brian finds this amusing as another black mark on the record of Dirty Pair. Kei challenges Brian to answer who’s the sexiest between herself and Yuri, so it begins devoting runtime to that. Meanwhile, Kei gets control to warp a ship to coordinates that place it within Brian’s core. Brian realizes what they are up to, but is unable to stop it and is shut down by a large ship in its core. Their supervisor Gooley tries to contact them over this incident while the guy in charge of Operations learns first hand why Yuri and Kei are known as “Dirty Pair.”

Thoughts/Review: I have a few of these recorded, so since (1) OVA for this series came out when I lived in Japan in 1989 (thus making it stick in my mind big time) and (2) I’m currently reading the light novel that the anime was based on, I thought I’d blog a few episodes for the heck of it. This was just as silly and action-packed as I remembered it, and yet still fun, especially for its age. Too bad it wasn’t the story I was reading from the light novel.

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  1. […] It was kinda nice to see a former client return in the form of the Operations manager (I don’t think his name has been mentioned yet). The leaning residential tower has been seen several times since Kei and Yuri live in it, so its not like we haven’t been at this location, but to my knowledge, this is the first time the Operations manager has been seen since episode 1. […]

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