Hayate no Gotoku! 41

Hayate the Combat Butler Ep. 41
ハヤテのごとく!Episode 41
Hayate no Gotoku! 41

SPOILER Summary:

Hayate no Gotoku! 41Its a cold morning with Nagi using Hayate as a shield against the wind as they go to school. Hina passes them lost in thought but they finally get her attention. She apparently had received a New Year’s present from her sister of ¥500, which was unusual. Katsura-sensei arrives on the scene and is not her normal self, but bright, cheerful, and responsible-seeming. This sets the four of them into shock but as Katsura-sensei walks away, an envelope falls out of her book, which is a letter of resignation.

Hayate no Gotoku! 41Nagi and Hayate report this to the Student Council Trio (SCT) who laugh at the very idea. After all, where would Katsura-sensei go. Nagi and Hayate continue to insist which results in more laughter and promises from the SCT’s of what they would do if Katsura-sensei actually quit. When they produce the resignation letter, the laughter stops. All of them find her out smelling the flowers in the courtyard and make an inquiry about the resignation, which she confirms. Hina is devastated by this news and after expressing her displeasure, she rushes off. She recalls when she was younger and while other kids got New Year’s money, Hina didn’t but her sister promised to eventually get her one.

Hayate no Gotoku! 41Back at school, the SCT are very depressed about their mentor leaving school. Since today is her last day, the students decide to make it a good one. They interrupt co-teacher Shiori and get her to teach them all sorts of things about history. At the end of the class time, the students all beg her to stay. She’s confused but Shiori-sensei becomes emotional and thanks everyone. She’d been having a hard time as Katsura-sensei’s assistant but is now going to stay as their teacher. This leads to confusion and a confession from Katsura-sensei that she’d forgotten to deliver Shiori-sensei’s resignation letter. When the class asks about Katsura-sensei’s odd, pleasant behavior, she states it has been her lucky day. This results in the SCT and others giving Katsura-sensei a beating that forces Hina to have to carry her home.

Hayate no Gotoku! 41That evening, Nishizawa has her New Year’s post card for Hayate and still can’t deliver it. Three large thugs come on the scene and when she accidentally runs into them, trouble is afoot. Maria happens on the scene and remembers her. As such, she thanks Nishizawa for allowing Nagi to stay at her home that one time and her desire for Nishizawa to continue to treat Nagi well. The thugs aren’t happy with Maria, despite her being cute and the biggest comes after her. She uses a defensive technique to take two thugs out. The third one plans to get revenge, but the SP’s arrive on scene and are even bigger than the thugs. Maria gives Nishizawa a bag of cookies and Nishizawa wants to be like Maria.

Thoughts: Not many laughs here because the writers were playing up the sad aspects at the prospects of Katsura-sensei’s leaving. It was nice seeing a bit about Hina and Yukiji.

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