Minami-ke 12

みなみけ Episode 12

SPOILER Summary: Its Christmas time and Kana ponders this with Haruka while under the kotatsu. Apparently, Chiaki had witnessed Takeru-ojisan changing into a Santa outfit and since Fujioka Santa-san and Kanathen doesn’t have the same excitement for Christmas. Takeru has been told not to come by, but he decides to anyway. However, Kana has enlisted Fujioka’s help with Haruka’s approval, and he comes by, witnessed by Takeru. Takeru doesn’t know him and so calls Haruka and learns that he’s just Kana’s friend. So he decides to come by tomorrow. Meanwhile, Fujioka changes into Santa as Chiaki has gone to bed. He leaves a present by her bed and when she awakens to see him, he makes sure to say “Merry Christmas” before closing the door and being spirited away by Haruka. Chiaki is excited because Santa-san came by and it wasn’t Takeru, leading Kana to tease her about being “baka” and even avoiding most (but the last) of Chiaki’s swings to hit her (Chiaki insisting Santa-san came). The gift is a stuffed bear and Chiaki has sweet dreams about it.

At the other Minami residence, the three brothers discuss what to get for Touma, having been Minami brothers ponderdoing so for a week and now its Christmas eve. Touma has stated she wants a soccer ball or spiked shoes, but the eldest brother is not convinced. Even a letter written by Touma (as a letter to Santa, but addressed to her brothers) fails to convince him. After a lengthy, rambling discussion on the subject, Touma has had enough and kicks them all in the face for not doing anything for her for Christmas. Suddenly they remember why Touma’s always annoyed at Christmas — they always discuss things endlessly, though the eldest brother in not convinced.

Its Christmas day and Fujioka didn’t give Kana her present. So he heads to the Minami residenceThe sisters eat yakiniku. to find Takeru standing outside waiting in a Santa suit. Since the sisters are out, they decide to wait. Meanwhile at a restaurant, the girls are splurging on yakiniku (where you cook the food at your table) . Chiaki wonders if it is OK to splurge like this, but Haruka says it is OK because it is Christmas. Kana kids Chiaki for being worried about finances at her age, leading to a tirade back from Chiaki, including a 4-combo “bakayarou” remark. Kana is surprised by this. Back at the apartment, its starting to snow and after making some small talk, Fujioka and Takeru decide to head home.

Touma is over again and Kana ponders her leading a double-life of being Chiaki’s little brother and then a little sister at her home. Kana wonders if she should lead a double life, then ponders Kana denied cake.the different places to eat, including eating dinner at Touma’s house and the afternoon snack at Keiko’s place. Touma asks Chiaki if it is OK for her to keep eating at their place like this, even offering to pay. Kana comes up with a random figure that she should pay, but Chiaki isn’t having that. Haruka comes home and Kana anticipates eating cake as Haruka assures Touma it is fine as Chiaki’s (and thus her) “little brother.” However, there is no cake for Kana because she’s supposedly going to have her snack at Keiko’s house. Kana calls Keiko, only to discover she’s already eaten her cake. Kana loses.

Fujioka still has Kana’s present (hair ribbons) and is walking through the market when he sees Kana walking his way, singing about eggs. However, she doesn’t see him as she’s come for the egg sale. Kana comes home to find Chiaki with her stuffed bear and Haruka happily states that Chiaki likes the present. Kana’s not convinced based on how she sees Chiaki use it as an arm rest and tells Chiaki to take care of it. Chiaki says she is but ends up attacking Kana with it. Kana asks Chiaki attacks Kana with Fujiokawhat the bear’s name is, but Chiaki seems to think that is childish. However, she does tell Kana to name the bear, and so the bear becomes Fujioka. Chiaki attacks Kana with the bear and Kana asks if the name was bad. Chiaki says it was fine, but the attack was the bear’s will. A fight breaks out between Kana and Chiaki with Chiaki using the bear as a weapon, saying it was Fujioka’s will. The following day, the real Fujioka sees Kana and she has words concerning the present and considering the feelings of the others. So with that in mind, he comes by their house later and gives Kana a present of three boneless hams as a year-end thank you present. Chiaki reckons the hams are as thick as Kana’s thighs, leading to another fight before Kana thinks Fujioka is the “ham guy.”

Thoughts: When the bear was named “Fujioka,” I thought for sure we’d have one of those misunderstanding episodes, but that never happened (thankfully). Of course we could still get one. Another fun episode to be sure.

And here’s apparent commercial for the “ham guy” reference.

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