Alpha — Ganbare Sugi DE Night


I found this Japanese rap tune on YouTube a while back and started looking for the CD this song was on. Sadly, all the ones I found were now out of print. However, I did finally find someone on Amazon Japan who was willing to ship to the U.S. and had a copy of the single. So I was a happy guy and the ¥800 shipping cost wasn’t too bad either. ^_^

Update: GAH! The person who uploaded this video has now disabled embedding. They also disabled comments and the video rating too. Sheeze. Not sure what this guy’s issue is unless he saw a gaijin had embedded the video in his blog and went, “Up yours, Gaijin!” Whatever.

Update (25-Dec-2015): This isn’t the official video (’cause Japan doesn’t want that shared), but here is the song, for those curious.

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