Negima! Vol 21 (Ch 193) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 21 Chapter 193

Summary: Nagi, Kotaro, Chachamaru, and Chisame arrive at the town, which to Chisame’s chagrin, looks fantasy-like with the different non-human races there. Nagi starts to plan on contacting Donette when a new broadcasts shows him as a wanted fugitive with a Dp300,000 (drachmas) bounty on his head. There is doctored footage of him destroying the gate facility. The four quickly gather for an emergency meeting where Chisame reminds them they need to make tracks fast. Negi says that the reason they came to this town was because another member of the group was there. Chachamaru does a search and finds the signal to the other badge, but sadly it is just a badge and no one is with it.

In an alley, the group looks over a wanted poster where all of the members of Ala Alba are wanted with various prices on their heads. Negi starts to get onto himself but Kotaro steps in to remind him that the others can handle themselves and that he should believe in his comrades. As they strategize, Chisame sums it up that they’ll have to find their friends on their own without support, possibly until they can get back to Earth. Through a process of elimination, they determine the badge belongs to Asakura and so now what to do? Negi has a plan.

Using some age-changing pills that Eva gave Negi, Negi and Kotaro become older teens while Chisame becomes a little girl as does Chachamaru (whether from the pill or through self-transformation is unknown). They enter a bar where Negi has a sheet of all the girls in the class and asks if the bartender has seen any of them. While there, a really big guy challenges Negi, apparently the Thousand Master had beaten him and so he’s going to take it out on anyone that remotely looks like the man that beat him. The big guy, Vargas, can’t lay a finger on Negi, so he brings magic into play, only to get knocked out by Negi. The bar patrons are stunned and Vargas’s crew decides to attack, leading Kotaro to take care of them all.

Negi apologizes to the bartender, who assures him Vargas and crew will pay for the damages. Considering how strong Negi and Kotaro are, he recommends they do some work as prize fighters to earn some money. Kotaro says they are looking for information, not money and the bartender remembers one of the girls on Negi’s sheet came in but didn’t have a bounty on her head. That girl was Natsumi and the bartender remembers her getting into a dispute with some men and she and another girl got into a carriage. He wonders if they were taken by Slave Traders.

Thoughts: Wow. So now Negi has a price on his head along with the rest of the battle harem. But, now that I’ve had time to absorb it, this allows Akamatsu-sensei to take more time within the Magic World since they can’t get rescued easily. And, this will allow them to explore more to find their comrades.

I hadn’t noticed this the first time around, but if Eva gave Negi the age-changing pills, I wonder if they are someone different from the ones Negi used during the school festival.

Finally, Natsumi also tagged along. Now, she was not in any of the other images that I’m aware of, so I’m not sure why or how she got tagged to come along as well. Maybe she was an afterthought, but knowing Akamatsu-sensei, there was some purpose for her coming. Should be interesting.

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