Hayate no Gotoku! 39

Hayate the Combat Butler Ep. 39
ハヤテのごとく!Episode 39

SPOILER Summary: Hina goes to pay her sister, Katsura-sensei, a visit at her school room, only to find the place trashed, much like Katsura-sensei herself. She puts her sister to bed and leaves to find Hayate on the school ground. Shion, in the older form, also is there and Hina learns they’ve blackmailed Hayate to join Kuzuha-sensei after his defeat with the picture of said defeat. He either joins or they get the Sanzenin Estate. Hina is not happy about this, but Hayate decides to go along with it to protect Nagi.

Hina calls Nagi to let her know, so Nagi is off in a large Chinook-type helicopter with her SP’s. Meanwhile in the stadium where a large mecha unit stands, Kuzuha explains how she and Shion went to the Amazon to get some legendary vanilla beans and instead came upon ruins from an ancient butler civilization and a treasure which was guarded by the giant snake, Jor-kun. It is then that Hayate realizes they are being used by the snake. Shion gets into the mecha unit and the ancient butler’s robes emerge from a storage bin (of sorts), only it is a red maid’s dress. Kuzuha recites the ancient spell which will force the dress onto Hayate.

Outside, Nagi sees the glowing lights from the stadium and has the helicopter land there. She and Hina enter with the SP’s to find Hayate in the red dress complete with cat ears and serving Kuzuha, apparently unable to remember them. When Kuzuha speaks, Hina realizes she’s being controlled by the snake and attacks. Shion attacks in the mecha unit and the SP’s move in to protect Nagi. Himegami joins the fray as Nagi tries to strip the dress from Hayate, actually happy to do so. Nagi states that she would give everything up for Hayate and that’s enough to snap him out of it. The dress transforms into golden armor and he’s able to fight and defeat Jor-kun.

The battle over, Hayate is in his normal clothing while the armor is on a stand. Kuzuha and Shion are freed, but still act all shoujo-ai with each other. Outside, Himegami has the armor and Nagi determines that this had all been a setup so that Hayate could get the armor for Himegami. Apparently there are other items he has to get. Katsura-sensei emerges and is shocked to see the destruction of a school facility. However, since she was going to get booze, Hina decides to accompany her. Nagi and Hayate take off before Nagi has the helicopter stop again at the same vending machine area where she first met Hayate. She buys him a hot canned coffee and when she attempts to kiss him, Hayate doesn’t get it and thinks something is wrong with her, causing her to hit him and storm off.

Thoughts: So, this was the end of the 3rd season according to the end announcements. I gather that means that the whole “Combat Butler” arc with Kuzuha is completely over (I guess it is since Hayate defeated Jor-kun). Unless we get some sort of indication otherwise, I would guess the 4th season will be the last one.

References! (Note: the site doesn’t get 100% of the references, but they do get a very high percentage.)

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