Tsubasa Chronicle 46 – 47

ツバサ・クロニクル 46

SPOILER Summary: As Syaoran, Kurogane, Chun-yan, and Sorata travel with Kishim, she is forced to return to her “pendant” state and tells them that the troubles here began shortly after they left the world before. As Kishim was going to punish the previous lord’s son, another of Sakura’s feathers arrived, which falls to him and he escapes. He establishes his power by creating Hijutsu Stones, which trap the souls of humans from the other world and which he uses to control the bakemono race of Kishim’s world. Syaoran and Kurogane go to storm the castle while Sorata and Chun-yan stay behind since neither have fighting skills and Chun-yan’s mirror allows her to use Hijutsu magic. Meanwhile Mokona figures out that Kishim’s world is a mirror world and Sakura notices Chun-yan’s mirror glowing with power. So Sakura, Fay, and Mokona head out and end up at the same place as Chun-yan, where Sakura’s power along with the mirror opens a gateway to the mirror world. As Kurogane and Syaoran remove the Hijutsu Stones from the bakemono, Chun-yan stands up to a group of them who are afraid of a human invasion, but she convinces them humans aren’t their enemy. Syaoran faces the lord’s son and defeats him to take the feather back. Hashim makes Chun-yan an emissary between the human and bakemono races after which Mokona sends the group to the next world.

Thoughts: Ah, so the writers save Mokona from being a complete idiot by saying a feather arrived in the mirror world just AFTER Syaoran and company left. Ugh. Whatever. Just buy the soundtrack already!

ツバサ・クロニクル 47

SPOILER Summary: They arrive on the next world where winter has set in. They find Sakura’s feather for sale as part of a broach and for whatever reason, putting off weak power. They talk with the shop owner who says they can have three days to get the money for the broach. Fay sells some artifacts to give them starting money for a place to sleep and some clothes. The next morning, Fay, Syaoran, and Kurogane head out to find work and ask Sakura to stay put as the city is not safe and Mokona to guard Sakura’s feather from the previous world. Mokona does this briefly but then Sakura absorbs it. Sakura and Mokona go out to the Job Center and get a job at a food stand where she works for Touya and Yukito. However, they have troubles with the stand so she has to go back for another job. This time she goes to a warehouse but an accident soon has her unemployed again. Next she gets a job at a bar but some yakuza-types interfere and go after Sakura, leading Syaoran and the others to appear, having been hired by the owner as guards. They earn the money and buy the broach, where Sakura gets to briefly wear it, long enough to be complimented by Syaoran before it is absorbed into her. She then recalls more childhood memories.

Thoughts: So why didn’t Sakura absorb her feather from the previous world? Oh yeah because we needed filler time in THIS episode. Nevermind. Have you bought the soundtrack yet?

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