Tsubasa Chronicle 51 – 52

ツバサ・クロニクル 51

SPOILER Summary: With Syaoran determined to rescue Sakura, Kurogane decides to give Syaoran some training using his sword. Syaoran’s own sword will be repaired. At the same time, Fay and Mokona decide to scout out the castle where they discover that the guards are all called away. Fei Wong’s troops have arrived, so Chaos is forced to enter the fray where he makes short work of them. Fay and Mokona come upon Sakura as she dreams (having had another feather given to her) of Chaos, only to realize the things she’s saying in the dream can’t be real. In fact, she has been given fake feathers and she expels them, though Mokona still reacts to them as if they were real. Sakura awakens and Chaos finds Fay and Mokona with her. He issues a challenge to Syaoran to fight the following day. And so the following day, the two battle. As they do, Xing Huo waits with more troops to advance Fei Wong’s plan. Chaos realizes that Syaoran is so focused on Sakura that he decides to end the dual by encasing Sakura’s body and soul in ice while his bodyguards prevent Syaoran from doing anything. Chaos transforms into the giant bird and attacks, planning to take her with him.

Thoughts: For a moment, I thought that the writers would REALLY hose things up with the Syaoran-Sakura romance (such as it is) but they didn’t. Still, they did totally screw Mokona over with fake feathers. Ugh. Only one more episode to go, y’all.

ツバサ・クロニクル 52

SPOILER Summary: The giant bird Chaos begins attacking, using energy blasts from its mouth. The attacks begin to hit the nearby town as well as his own castle. Syaoran asks Fay and Kurogane to rescue Sakura while he acts as decoy. They agree and Mokona tags along for the ride with Syaoran. Fei Wong has Xing Huo act as her troops go to seal off Fay and Kurogane while Yuuko-san observes from afar that Fei has learned nothing. Fei’s plan is to regain control over the party’s journeys and so he starts to activate his Syaoran. This causes Syaoran pain as within Sakura’s sealed ice, Chaos reveals himself and his true identity, begging Sakura to end this since he no longer can. She escapes her prison and the power of Sakura not only dispatches Fei Wong’s forces, but sends his Syaoran back to sleep in his tube. Meanwhile the sword smiths return with Syaoran’s repaired sword, which he uses with Kurogane’s sword to make a super-sword with which he ultimately defeats Chaos without actually harming him. Chaos is revealed to be a cluster of Sakura’s feathers that had taken on a personality of their own and Chaos vanishes to leave one true feather behind. With that, the group goes to travel on while Fei Wong has been foiled again.

Thoughts: So Chaos was Sakura, or rather a clump of Sakura’s feathers. Hmmm. Its funny how the writers were fooled like the rest of us about the other Syaoran. They had followed that path which said the other Syaoran had to be an evil agent and well…BWAH!HA!HA!HA!

Well, its over and nothing to do but write my CAR review.

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