Hayate no Gotoku! 42

Hayate the Combat Butler Ep. 42
ハヤテのごとく!Episode 42

SPOILER Summary: In a flashback, we learn that Hayate’s parents named him “Hayate” so that when he got older, he could be strong and elude debt collectors. Flash to the present where fakeKlaus has purchased an expensive painting. However, Hayate comes in and after giving it a look-over, declares it a fake. Naturally Klaus is offended by this, but when a man with an elderly scholar come in and confirm this, they take the fake painting and Klaus is left with one option — run away. Nagi wonders how Hayate got such useless knowledge, and he says that his father ran a bait-and-switch art shop where they’d show real art but when the customer made the purchase, the customer would be given a fake. That work was done by Hayate, and his father taught him how to distinguish fakes from original works or art.

As Hayate goes about his chores, Nagi decides that someone so perfect has to have a flaw, because that’s how it is in anime and manga. She consults volume 6 of the Hayate no Gotoku readingmanga to see if there is anything to be learned about his weaknesses. So with Maria at her side, Nagi sets out to find Hayate’s weaknesses. It is then that we are reminded of Maria’s weakness concerning cockroaches. Nagi has the TBS anchor bring out a table and Maria chooses a canister from which they’ll test Hayate for weakness. However, the canaster held a frog, with the “Ke” Katakana on a hat, looking very much like Keroro’s hat from Keroro Gunsou. Thus, we learn another of Nagi’s weaknesses — frogs.

Maria and Nagi are in the ceiling of Hayate’s room and as they peak in, Nagi hears Hayate say that he’s overcome his math weakness. They proceed to spy on him in the kitchen, but rather spyingthan find a weakness of Hayate’s, he reveals that he knows a great deal of Nagi’s weakness concerning sardines, carrots, and green peppers. Seeing herself exposed in his eyes, Nagi whacks him on the head with a large wooden mallet, extremely frustrated by his knowledge and her lack of it. Nagi dresses up as a ghost/specter to try to get Hayate’s weakness that night, scaring him if he’s afraid of such things. However, when Maria closes the curtains and turns to reveal she has no face (due to having it cleverly masked), we see yet another Nagi weakness.

Sakuya pops in out of nowhere and is game to help find Hayte’s weakness. However, what she describes is more akin to War of the Worlds and the alien’s weakness there over germs. SakuyaIsumi also appears and is also willing to assist. Her suggestion is to ask Hayate in person. So off they go to find Hayate. When they do, Isumi asks him, and he says his weakness is a cup of tea. The announcer says that for those who don’t get it, listen to a comedy titled “Manju Kowai” (まんじゅこわい) — “Afraid of Manju.” This causes Sakuya to take a flying attack at Hayate with her harisen. She then turns to Isumi and asks what the mighty “ghost sweeper” (actual term used) was afraid of. Isumi says caterpillars, but her description and why it makes her afraid makes it clear she’s referring to Mothra.

As Maria and Hayate clear the dishes from lunch, Hayate notices that Nagi had carefully picked away the carrots and peppers, despite their tiny bit sizes. Nagi is pleased with herself and still testdetermined to learn Hayate’s weakness. However, when she learns that he wishes to be excused so that he can advance in grade with Nagi, she has second thoughts about proceeding and tells Sakuya and Isumi to not bother Hayate. Maria brings him a copy of last year’s math test, and he’s dismayed to discover its in German. Wataru-kun enters as well, having the same copy, and he’s frustrated about it being that hard. Nagi is surprised neither of them know German when Isumi knows four languages, Maria knows 13, and Nagi knows 8. While Wataru knows English and could take the math test in English, Hayate isn’t so good on it.

Sakuya is thankful that she attended a normal school, and she escorts Isumi out, telling her that if she stays, Wataru won’t be able to concentrate. Isumi is puzzled by this but leaves. Nagi goes Maria and Hayateto tutor Wataru while Maria goes to tutor Hayate. Maria explains that the only way they could get Nagi to attend school after she skipped grades was to have her friends do the same. Thus, that’s why Wataru and the others are in the same advanced grade as Nagi. Meanwhile, Sakuya and Isumi are on the grounds relaxing. As Isumi enjoys her tea, Sakuya asks about school. With Nagi skipping a lot, she figures that Isumi spends time with Wataru. However, learning she doesn’t, Sakuya now knows where things stand between Isumi and Wataru.

As Hayate and Maria have their tutoring session, Hayate wonders if it is OK for Wataru and Nagi to be left alone. Maria says they’ll be fine and reminds him that Hayate’s alone with her. That’s enough to get the two of them to have a “nice timing” check on Wataru and Nagi by delivering Sakuya attackcoffee. They find Wataru holding Nagi’s wrist, she having teased him previously, and demands to know what’s going on. Naturally, Nagi thinks Hayate is jealous and starts yammering an excuse. Wataru loudly proclaims that he likes Isumi, who just happened to pop into the room. She’s not sure what to make of this, but Wataru verbally retreats, saying it was a joke. That leads Sakuya to pop in and whack him good with the harisen. Hayate leaves to study with Maria, which sets off Nagi’s jealous rage, and she chases him through the mansion. Maria notes that Hayate’s true weakness is not understanding women.

Thoughts: A pretty enjoyable episode, with the first half packed full of references. I was glad to see Isumi get a decent episode. Sakuya again had a good episode.

References! (Note: the site doesn’t get 100% of the references, but they do get a very high percentage.)

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