Keroro Gunsou 35

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 35

SPOILER Summary: After a flashback to Fuyuki’s birthday where we learn Natsumi isn’t big on her own birthday, Keroro finds Fuyuki sweating over what to do about Natsumi’s birthday. Upon learning of Natsumi’s birthday, Keroro is off to an invasion meeting. Giroro is not amused by Keroro’s late arrival, but his attitude changes when he learns the latest plan is called “Operation Give Natsumi-dono a Big Shock, a Secret Birthday Party” (in Japanese of course). He details his plan, and Kururu understands this will make invasion easier by appealing to the Pekopons. Giroro is completely on board and salutes Keroro for this plan.

Natsumi comes home, and Tamama tries making indiscreet inquiries as to what Natsumi might like for her birthday. However, before he can get the word “birthday” out, Keroro has a trap door open underneath Tamama. Keroro then attempts to be casual about the whole thing and Natsumi’s arrival home before leaving the scene. After dinner, Kururu does much the same thing, which surprises Natsumi since Kururu doesn’t often engage her in conversation. Again, Keroro has a trap door open underneath Kururu before the word “birthday” can come out of his lips. As before, Keroro is casual about the whole thing, leading Natsumi to be somewhat suspicious. Keroro then goes to chastise his two comrades, leaving them in a pit with a lot of reminders on the walls as punishment for their indiscretion.

Fuyuki tells Momoka about Natsumi’s birthday, and she volunteers to have a cake done, realizing that this will get her in better with the Hinata family. When Fuyuki comes home, Keroro has turned the “Japanese living room” of the Hinata residence (which is mostly western in style, save for this one room) into a festive birthday party room. Fuyuki isn’t sure about this, thinking that maybe it is too childish. However, Natsumi has just arrived home forcing a loud reaction from the room. Natsumi hears this and enters the room to find out what the stupid frogs are up to, but finds the room as it should be. When she leaves, the room returns to party form with everyone coming up from beneath the floor. “Barely safe.”

That evening, Fuyuki is still concerned about this party, but as he’s on his balcony, he finds Giroro there. Giroro basically tells Fuyuki to believe in Keroro before taking off. The following morning, Natsumi has made breakfast but everyone is gone and Natsumi finds a note from Fuyuki saying he’s already gone for a morning practice. In reality, he, the platoon, Koyuki-chan, Mutsumi, and Momoka are in the secret underground base making final plans. As everyone does their thing to make ready for the party, Koyuki sticks close to Natsumi.

After school, two of Natsumi’s classmates invite her over to do homework and she agrees. This is seen by Dororo and Koyuki-chan. They report it to the others, who wait for the party to start when Natsumi comes home. However, she’s very late, leading Fuyuki to say they should call it off and just go ahead and eat. Keroro won’t hear of this and loudly protests, and he’s backed by Mutsumi and Koyuki. When she finally gets home, she finds the place dark. However, the wall opens to reveal the party room with everyone wishing her a happy birthday. She’s very touched and happy about this. It is then that Fuyuki learns to his surprise that Natsumi actually loves parties.

The party goes well and after stuffing themselves silly, a wounded Giroro comes with gifts for Natsumi including a space Penglai tree branch, the space Buddha’s bowl, a space fire rat fur, the seashell treasure of the space swallow, and the jaw of the space five-colored dragon. Apparently, these treasures can only be obtained by a great warrior. Hinata-san comes home to see the party for her daughter has already begun. Fuyuki thanks Keroro for everything he’s done. Keroro is pleased and as he leaves, he presses a button which turns one wall of the party room into a giant sign, proclaiming that next week is Keroro’s birthday. As such, everything he did for Natsumi was to set up his own birthday party that he hopes the others will arrange for him.

Thoughts: This episode was a lot of fun, and managed to effectively work in all of the aliens and their human partners. I recently read the manga chapter that this was adapted from. Interestingly enough, it was before Dororo and Koyuki had been introduced to the storyline and wasn’t as grand as the anime story, which I think comes off better.

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