Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 02

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Episode 02
魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS(ストライカーズ)Ep. 02

SPOILER Summary: After Subaru tearfully gets to meet her hero (Nanoha), Fate remarks on how they seem to know each other. Hayate reminds Fate of an event four years ago in which Fate and Nanoha had been visiting Hayate when a massive fire had broken out at the very facility they are currently out. Nanoha had rescued Subaru while Fate had rescued Ginga, Subaru’s older sister and mage in training. Their father, Major Nakajima, works with Hayate and Reinforce Zwei to direct the rescue of his daughters as well as fire fighting. Once mage reinforcements arrive, Hayate gets permission to perform high-level magic, where she turns the entire area into ice, putting out the fires, though there are still smoldering embers.

The next morning, Fate, Nanoha, Hayate, and Rein are all in a giant bed together when Hayate wakes up. The girls receive no credit for their work, however neither Fate nor Nanoha are concerned with this seeing as how everyone was safe and the girls are currently on vacation. Hayate decides she wants her own unit to provide disaster relief, criminal investigation, and Lost Logia investigation. She feels trapped in her current position and feels that running an elite unit would not only help her, but cause people above in the chain of command to change. She wants Fate and Nanoha to help her, but she’s concerned about imposing upon them. Considering the two girls have known Hayate since the third grade, not only is it not a problem for them to help Hayate, but as Nanoha put it, they would have been angry to not have been invited to such a fun unit.

Back in the present, Hayate and Fate are meeting with Subaru and Tia after their B-rank test. Subaru and Tia are told they are being considered for inclusion in the special forces and are given a brief rundown of what their duties might consist of should they join the Time-Space Administration Bureau’s Special Management 6th Mobile Division. Nanoha comes in and she has bad news for the two girls. Despite their abilities, the dangerous actions they took combined with an inability to anticipate accidents and to cause injury to a partner means they failed. However, after Rein (as examiner) and Nanoha discussed things, it is decided that because of the girls’ abilities, it would be too dangerous to keep them at the C-rank until the next testing cycle in half a year. As such, the pair will be assigned to the Administration Bureau Armed Corps for an intensive 3-day training session, after which they will be allowed to test for their B-rank again.

After Hayate tells them that they would be allowed to join the 6th Mobile Division should they wish after they achieve their B-rank, Subaru and Tia discuss their situation out in the courtyard. For Subaru, accepting a position is an easy choice since her hero Nanoha is a captain and the Combat Instructor. Tia expresses some doubt, which Subaru knows it means that Tia will also accept the job. While Tia seems to express frustration with Subaru, it is clear that she does care for her partner and friend. This is observed by Nanoha and Hayate, who agree both will enlist. Nanoha believes she can take the time to train them properly once they achieve their B-rank.

Fate arrives with Rein as Nanoha asks about the other two candidates. Because they were from off world, 2nd Lt. Signum has gone to pick them up from the airport. Meanwhile, because Fate drove in, she offers to give Nanoha a ride home, which Nanoha accepts. Fate asks about Nanoha’s health status, which Nanoha assures her is fine. Nanoha tells Fate she worries too much as Fate should know how tough Nanoha is based on their years working together (and initially as foes). Still, Fate can’t help but worry since Nanoha is her friend.

At the airport, a 10-year old boy (Elio) waits as Signum approaches. Signum inquires about the other candidate, who’s just starting to come down the escalator. This 10-year old pink-haired female candidate, Caro Ru Lushe, stumbles and is rescued by the quick thinking Elio, though he ends up having her fall on him. In her bag is her small pet dragon Friedrich (Fried), which she introduces to her new comrade in arms.

Elsewhere, Vita-chan and Zafira are being directed by Shamal (all of whom belonged to the Wolkenritter and who served Hayate in A’s) to combat some Type-1 gadgets. They defeat the units and remark how said units are getting smarter. From there we learn that the trio also are part of the 6th Mobile Division as Subaru and Tia are on a train (presumably heading for their training).

Thoughts: I noticed that for this series, Japanese names are given in western order, which is unusual but interesting.

There were two manga titles written to cover the 10-year period between A’s and StrikerS. I gather that Nanoha was nearly killed in the time before StrikerS and was severely injured. That would account for Fate’s asking about Nanoha’s condition. I might have to see if I can find an easy copy of these manga.

Anyway, there was a lot dished out here and we basically got to see most of the carry overs from A’s and the two new recruits as well. Plus, add to the mix that Subaru and her sister have a higher-ranking officer as their father. So while a lot to dish out, it was interesting enough to make me want to see more.

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