Hayate no Gotoku! 49

Hayate the Combat Butler Ep. 49
ハヤテのごとく!Episode 49

SPOILER Summary: Hayate comments to Nagi about her recent school participation when the Student Council Trio show up, wanting Nagi and Hayate to participate in their club — the Motion Picture Research Club. As Nagi is not in a club, Hayate thinks it is great that she shows an interest until he discovers footage of himself in embarrassing situations in their DVD collection. He gets frustrated with them, but they beg him to join as they are trying to protect their club from being terminated by Kuzuha-sensei. She arrives but because Hayate destroyed the DVD of himself that would have preserved the club, Kuzuha-sensei orders the club shut down. However, when Hayate agrees to do a Jackie Chan-like stunt (which thrills Nagi), Kuzuha-sensei backs off and Hayate has to jump off a school building as the club records.

The Motion Picture Club decides to hold a competition on who can tell the most normal story. Risa-chan starts it, and many others participate until it ends with Wataru. As the STC say their goodbyes, the scene returns to Hayate jumping off the building, where he makes a perfect landing only to be hit by a trolley.

Thoughts: It was an OK episode I suppose. It had the feeling of the series coming to an end (though I believe a new sequel series will be produced). Then again, my being so tired at the moment as I both watched and tried to write may be interfering my enjoyment meter.

References! (Note: the site doesn’t get 100% of the references, but until recently, they got a very high percentage.)

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