A Japanese Burger

As I’m sure most of you know, many American companies have branches in Japan and Wendy’s is no different. I’m not sure what lead me here, but I found myself on the official Japanese Wendy’s site the other day. To my amazement, they were selling あんバーガー (an-burger) which you can even buy in a combo (which they call a “set”). For those who don’t know, “an” (餡) is a sweet, red azuki bean that the Japanese use in many deserts, often mashing them (which is where the term “red bean paste” comes from). Taste-wise, an is only mildly sweet to me, but it has a sweeter aftertaste. It isn’t the kind of sweet filling that I would go out and seek when looking for a desert, but when offered something like an-pan or the like, I have enjoyed them.

Anyway, you can get the an-burger at Wendy’s with cheese on the desert menu. *lol* If I can make it to Japan when they are selling this, I’m going to have to buy one for sure just to try it. ^_^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That sounds nasty to me.

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